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Increasingly large numbers of students are undertaking their higher education in other countries.

Phuonghoaneu 1 / -  
Apr 11, 2022   #1
Increasingly large numbers of students are undertaking their higher education in other countries. Despite problems such as the financial cost and the difficulty of studying in a foreign language, the benefits of studying overseas are often thought to be greater than the difficulties.

To what extent do you agree?

In this day and age, the youth are prone to choose to study abroad when graduating high school instead of continuing to learn in the traditional course. Although they are forced to pay high fees and face a variety of challenges in a non-native language, I partly agree that there are more merits than setbacks of this phenomenon.

On the one hand, attending further education in strange nations are a positive development for numerous reasons. To begin with, students have a chance to make friends with partners coming from other nationality, this can help them to expand perspectives about exhilarating cultures.For example, if you have a friend living in Japan , you will be enriched with knowledge about their original clothes such as hanbok .....In addition ,thanks to practicing a new dialect with foreigner on a regular basis, the youth can reinforce significantly their language skill . Furthermore ,they will soar opportunities to apply to any big organization . Because when adolescents complete their curriculum and come back home , they will be equipped with greater education and other necessary skills, namely time management skills ...These are lucrative values aid to win in a competitive job market.

On the other hand , this phenomenon also brings a variety of drawbacks for students . Firstly, their family will pay plenty of fees for conventional courses. This can become a burgen for the number of parents possessing low income because they will have difficulties in paying their children's fees. Specifically, students coming from poor background, they nearly loss chances to learn in developed countries such as Singapore , Canada without gaining scholarships.Secondly , if offsprings are not proficient in forein language , they will lose the ability to understand holistically lessons. For example , when they can not hear the teacher's voice, they will not keep up with curriculum. As a result , they tend to feel discouraged and fed up.

In conclusion , I partly agree that students choose universities in other nations instead of pursuing traditional education . The youth should consider the finance budget and their possibilities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Apr 11, 2022   #2
Do not keep writing just for the sake of writing more words in the essay. Make sure that you can write a grammatically proficient essay, properly written and with fully developed ideas / explanations/ examples, all within 40 minutes. The task 2 essay is not just a vocabulary rest, which you seem to portray it as in this piece. It is a test of how quickly and accurately you can convey your English thoughts. The idea is to present sentences and paragraphs that are short but effective in the manner of presentation. The focus is on grammar perfection rather than just vocabulary and word count.

The essay itself does poorly when considering grammar in relation to sentence structure, thought clarity, and punctuation usage. The writer only uses the period, comma, or ellipses in his writing. This is evidence of limited sentence structure knowledge in relation to punctuation usage. These are the additional areas where the score of the essay can prevent a passing score.

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