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How can we inculcate the love for one's country?

isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Aug 24, 2011   #1

In this contemporary society, to satiate one's desire seems to be the foremost in everyone's minds. Therefore the needs of others, especially one's country has taken a backseat in people's lives. This issue triggers debates all across the globe as governments of various countries realize that more people are becoming lackluster and indifferent to the development of their country, as long as their money pocket is filled. What might curtails this issue would be passive participation of citizens in any country-oriented programs and inadvertently waning growth of one's country. Therefore, it is requisite for us to inculcate love for our country. However the looming question mark would be, how could we do so?

Firstly, love of one's country can be groomed through pride. After all, if a citizen is proud of the achievements acquired by one's country, he will boastfully profess his love and pride of being a part of it. Therefore, the government as the symbol of a country, should be able to reach out and form an understanding with its citizens. The way to go would be to maintain a corruption-free image and take on a democratic approach so that the citizens will feel assured to place their trust on the government. For instance, creating a venue to give feedback regarding any implemented policies such as IR or ERP is a way to create a sense of belonging as they can play a part in the decision making. By being appreciated by their country, Love can thus bloom in one's heart.

Secondly, as it has been said, 'there is nothing better than home', love can be grown in the environment where they feel that they are the most familiar with. Our home country possess the culture that we've immersed in, the moral values that we've uphold since birth,and the people whom we've grown with. It basically encompasses our life tracks and therefore it can serves as the platform for inculcating a sense of belonging and love to one's country. Through immersion of cultures by setting up dances and performances, people can know more and have profound understanding of their roots. The various ethnic dances such as Barongsai and Tari Piring performed during the National Day Parade is an instance of such. in commemoration of the independence day, people have the opportunity to engage and widen their knowledge about their country. Admiration of such will leads to love eventually.

In a nutshell, love of one's country is important to sustain growth of the country and maintain one's roots therefore various ways can be tried by the government or communities to inculcate it. As a citizen, it is imperative to understand the importance of our role in enhancing the competitiveness of our country. It is high time that we realize this or we could be the very hands that ravaged our home. As it has been said, 'dont ask what the country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country'.
divalish89 - / 1  
Aug 24, 2011   #2
Your essay is well structured; every paragraph you start with firstly, secondly and nutshell. Therefore, you have given me an idea of writing a good structure essay, i also noticed you used a lot of big words in your essays like inculcate, lackluster and so for. i can see you good with vocabularies but sometimes using simple words makes your essay more straight forward.

All the best.

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