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IELTS1: indicators of economic and social condition of Canada, Japan, Peru and Zaire

mphuonggg 2 / 4 1  
Jul 3, 2019   #1

report for a university lecturer describing the table

A glance at the table illustrates information about indicators of economic and social of Canada, Japan, Peru and Zaire in 1994. Overall, it is clear that the figures for all four indicators were consistently higher in Canada and Japan. As can be seen from the table, Japan led in annual income per person with 15 760$, this was followed by 11 100$ in Canada and 160$ in Peru. The country having the lowest income was Zaire with only 130$.

In term of life expectancy at birth, it was higher in wealthier countries such as Japan accounted for 78, Canada took up 76, Peru and Zaire respectively took 51 and 47. This indicated that richer countries are able to put more money into health care than poorer ones.

The amount of calories consumed daily per person roughly followed the same ranking. Canadians had 3326 calorie per day, while the Japanese took 2846 calories. The corresponding figures for Peru and Zaire were 1927 and 1749, respectively.

In adult literacy rate, both Canada and Japan made up 99%, followed by Peru with 68% and Zaire, the country always having the lowest data had a literacy rate of 34%.

Thanks for reading. Please correct my mistakes and suggest many ideas about writing because it's quite difficult to describe a table that information is almost always in a sequence.

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Jul 4, 2019   #2
Hi there.

You are wasting space in your essay when you have to repeatedly mention the countries and data you are specifically trying to analyze. Have a more structured and organized approach to your writing that will enable you to write with more precision in your meaning. If you do this, you'll also save up space in your writing that will help you curate more substantive content because you'll have more direction in the content's entirety. Focus on having these spaces filled out with meaning and definition. Furthermore, try to add more depth in your analysis through not just describing the data but also incorporating your own interpretation of what it means in real life.

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