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Some individuals believe that the primary goal of universities is to provide information and skills

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May 1, 2016   #1
Some individuals believe that the primary goal of universities should be to provide information and skills for needed for future work. Others however feel that the main objective of universities is to give students access to knowledge for its own values regardless of the information is useful for a job or not. What in your opinions, should be the primary objective of university education?

Some people think that universities ought to facilitate the students the skills and worthwhile information for their job in the future. However, others argue that the first and foremost, universities had better to maintain student access regardless whether it will be beneficial for job or not. In my opinion, I believe that the primary objective of universities is fostering the students to prepare their future career.

There are some reasons why universities are supposed to provide its students a host of skills and useful information before they plunge into the job world. As today's globalization era, the competition of job seeker is firm. The students must be astute observing job vacancies to appeal the employers. Moreover, the challenges to compete with others have to be faced readily. If they possess the skills needed such as leadership skills, time and management skills and so forth, therefore the chance to gain their dream job and become the success ones in the future are feasible.

On the other hand, if universities are more concern to student access rather than preparing them for their future employment, the students will be lack of readiness to compete for achieving the job. In addition, the employers are more likely not considering the candidates who have less qualification for their institutions. As a consequence, the students will strive to obtain their dream career and thus, they become desperate.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that facilitating the students with a range of skills and information needed for working is the best way for a primary university's goal. Considering these days the competition of job seekers is tight, the students should have adequately knowledge and skills to compete with others for achieving the job that they want.

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