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Information concerning the production of oil in six different countries from 1990 to 2010. IELTS 1

kampusbarbarrr 1 / -  
Oct 24, 2017   #1

Oil Production 1990-2010 statistics

The provided chart gives information concerning the production of oil in six different countries from 1990 to 2010.

We can see that the general trend for the production of oil was to increase over the period. For example, Saudi Arabia - the largest producer - saw a significant growth from just over 8 millions barrel per day in 1990 to around 15 millions barrel per day in 2010.

Other four countries (Iran, UAE, Iraq, and Kuwait) had a similiar trend where their oil production rose slightly and had reached roughly 4 millions barrels per day by 2010.

However, Qatar - the smallest producer - appeared not to follow this trend. It relatively remained stable over the period, accounting for 1 million barrels per day in the final period despite its slight increase in 2000.

Overall, all countries, except one witnessed an upward trend. Only in Qatar was the figure truly reversed.

Please give me some advice regarding my writing. Thank you.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,252 3656  
Oct 25, 2017   #2
Reinhardt, your sentence presentations do not follow the minimum 3 sentence requirement, which is why your essay automatically fell under the word count. Since it fell under the word count, the examiner will give you an automatic failing score. You must always provide 3--5 sentences in each paragraph in order to at least qualify for further content consideration since you fell under the minimum word count. That means you need to follow a certain format for each paragraph in order to properly meet the minimum scoring requirements. While some suggest the A+E+E approach to writing these task 1 essays, I prefer a more personalized method that goes like this:

1. Summary overview. In this section, you can write at least 4 sentences based upon the following criteria: topic for discussion based on type of chart, reason for the discussion, measurements provided, basis of measurements, and discussion instruction. One sentence each, one complete paragraph for scoring.

2. At this point, you will have to pick the discussion style that best suits the information you were provided. In this instance, I noticed that it there are chart indicators of similarities between 2 countries. So a comparative discussion would be better for the discussion as you can indicate how the countries have similar oil production capacities based on the yearly comparison.

3. In this paragraph, you could have discussed Saudi Arabia and the reasons why it stands out in production. Since it has the highest ratings for production measurements, it stands to reason that it should have its own discussion presentation.

You can actually score quite well with this essay based upon the 3 paragraph, comparative format I suggested above. You don't need a conclusion because that is optional and a trending statement is not required either because there is no clear trend in the manufacture of oil. those are 2 paragraphs not need needed to score well in this presentation type.

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