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Information Technology brings prominent aspect to the society's life but it cause also addictions

irfan727 49 / 68 29  
Nov 22, 2015   #1
Information technology is changing many aspects of our lives and now dominates our home, leisure and work activities.
To what extent do the benefits of information technology outweigh the disadvantages?

Technology of information brings prominent aspect to the society's life and this affect them become addict of it. Then, it occurs in several bustles such in house, spare and working. Although it has influenced us in human's activities, I strongly believe that it has severe effect to a half of people.

One of the main problem which affected by information technology is that humankind will spend much time to operate their gadget which is correlated to. A wide range of workers read many emails and youngsters are more likely to surf on the internet for along time. In this case, it is argued that they may be able to use the better time for other tasks.

Then, the technology can make people have unhealthy lifestyle. This is a true statement for some and they actually should take the exercise. As example, the employees who work in the office sure they will sit in front of their sophisticated device like computer for hours. If they commit this until years, cannot be denied they will get a particular disease.

Despites these demerits, the most inhabitants cannot get rid of the technology since it makes them easily to access the information. With the internet connection, by clicking and type the keyword on the search engine website, they will know what they search solely in several seconds. For instance, if the human being wants to gain the recent news, they just type it like the last condition in Paris. Afterward, a huge of websites will be appeared and ready to access.

Furthermore, another merits of accessing technology can be applied to work. For business labour, the network in the office which is connected to the internet, it can be useful for sharing data. As example, the workers in other places can open the source data from a company although they do not operate the same personal computer.

The aforementioned evidence shows that although there are drawback which is caused by the technology, the surplus of it is more. For this, people do not ignore the impacts of technology information.

schoolboy124 3 / 5 1  
Nov 23, 2015   #2
hi irfan, your try is appreciable. You should write the essay following the theme. You should mention the advantages in a way that it dominates the disadvantages. You should write this essay in rather comparative way. Your writing has grammatical errors as well. Look, here are few suggestions.

You should use the term information technology instead of "technology of information"
your topic sentence is not clear.You may begin likewise.
Information technology has impacted human life in a way that they have become addict to it.
It has influenced their social life, profession and creativity.
This has been significant, globally.
And this sentence:One of the main problem which affected by information technology
How is problem affected by the technology?
It can be written as: Humans spend more time with gadgets than with kith and kin, exercise and sleep. This situation addresses the negative portion of Information technology.

Avoid using "then" in the second para.
You should highlight the impacts in students, youths and every one.
similarly follow this: Employees in office use the computers and other graphical devices for hours. This makes them prone to various disease..
Mention about psychological disorder. Eg. Techno-addiction
We are being a lot dependent in these devices.
Mention about its impact to media, education, health, business, agriculture..
Mention about demerits. But few.
Show that the drawbacks seem to be negligible in comparison to the advantages.
Increase the size of your essay. Don't hesitate if there is no word limit.
In this way you will not miss the theme.
As a whole, it is good try. Keep it up!!

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