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Initial Assessment Essay on the "The Story of an Hour"

jrobertson49 4 / 5  
Aug 25, 2008   #1
Initial Assessment Essay: On the "The Story of an Hour"

Are the differences from the late 1800's and the early 1900's and today really all that different? The difference between then and now is that we as a society do not look at divorce as a negative thing just a part of life. In the late 1800's and the early 1900's divorce was not an option and they just lived with the marriage the way it was.

Mrs. Mallard was in a situation where she was not happy with her marriage and she disliked her husband. Her initial response to the information of her husband's death she was upset and then she shortly reacted differently when she realized she was free. Is this karma that she was mentioning? Was it that she finally was showing her true feeling over what she believed with her husband but she was the one that paid the consequence of life?

Back when this story was written, the information that I was told by my elders is that divorce was not an option back then. I understand that when someone gets married, you truly love your other half. But what if there is that certain instance that you fall out of love or there is that change on the person that you once married. Back then most would just live with it. In today, most will just end the marriage.

Today's divorce rate is higher than it has ever been. Most divorces are filed due to financial issues, adultery, abuse, as well as other reasons. For as today, there are a lot of financial issues. Our economy is not real hot right now and can cause a lot of grief on a marriage. You hear something like Alex Rodriguez, 3rd basemen for New York Yankees, which has committed adultery with Madonna and is now getting a divorce from his wife. Then, you have those husbands or some wives that become abusive. Abuse could be mental or physical. But all these have led to divorce.

-Then you have death. When someone loses their partner in life, most will grieve. As the story mentions, it makes me wonder if she was one that would have or already had someone else in mind that she wanted to be with. Some that lose their husband or wife will get remarried right away. Is this because they cannot fathom to be alone or is there someone else that they wanted to be with and now that they are free then they can take that opportunity, if available.

I just know how marriage or death was handled back in the late 1800's, early 1900's, is different than how it is handled or dealt with today. Today marriage can be ended in just a simple fight. Death can be more of a joy rather than heartbreak. All I know is that we do have one life to live but life brings challenges and you cannot give up on just something that challenges that path on a simple basis.

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Aug 25, 2008   #2
Good afternoon.

OK, slow down. :)

First, what are your areas of concern?
Second, what are the requirements for the paper?
Third, what is it that you do like about what you have here?

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Aug 25, 2008   #3
Every time I read it I feel like I am just rambling and sounding like a blubbering idiot... :) I like the concept that the difference in how divorce is perceived back in the 1800's and currently, but I just don't feel like it makes since when I write it out, and when I go to break it down and correct i pretty much delete and start all over.. :( Any suggestions and ideas to not ramble would be GREAT...

Requirements: Must be 350 words, and it is to put the story in to perspective and the difference in how divorce is perceived then and now..
OP jrobertson49 4 / 5  
Aug 25, 2008   #4
Got it pulled together.. It is a little better any suggestions on what can improve or what I am missing?

Thanks for all you help

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