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What was your input to solving a challenge and to put into action modification or reform?

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Feb 26, 2020   #1
Dear, All friends

Now i 'm preparing write my essay to apply the scholarship on the abroad, so i would like need help all friends internet lead me to check my essay to gather.

the specific i would like to check the grammar, vocabulary, sentence and structural so scenery please edit with me because this 's essay my first essay

i hope all friends to advice better idea with me.

Thank you

How have you contributed to solving a challenge and to implementing change or reform?

When I was work with the company private in the past, I have applied my skills and knowledge to data survey and research in local area in my country. Which my position is responsibility of file work supervision and training of trainer to the project also in 2018, I was training of trainer the one project BNC (Be quale Non-Governmental Organization Consortium) also besides this project survey focus groups people poor with Student of parents in communication in my country. We are talk about how to improve social life, economic and Comment on the primary education system in community. We are random about 8 provincial in my country and we want to identify 4 provincial of south and 4 province of north. We are spent on the time about one month. After we are finished our data survey and we have data analyst of expert, after that the results I opinion to result about the condition challenged us to resolve the inefficiencies of education skills for the student and economic of parents for the society in the community.

Prior to the community practice, I carried out an Internet research on articles and journals, I used my experience from skills and save more knowledge areas facing similar challenges. I want to design a handbook about teaching skill children for classroom 1 to classroom 3, so this a handbook have Mathematics and playing activities to basic children skills for relax. This my handbook I will have teachers from the national university and staff at the Ministry of Education and Sports was consulted together.The moment then success is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Sports, after that it will Printing and distribution will be carried out outside in community in 2022.
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Feb 27, 2020   #2
I am afraid that there is no way your essay can be edited on this forum. The essay passed through a translator program which did a tremendously bad job of translating your original text. Honestly, I have never seen a translator botch a translation to this point. The whole essay does not make any sense to the reader. If a native English speaker reviews this essay, it will be put in the reject pile after the first 2 sentences are read. There is no chance to fix this essay. You will need professional help to develop a proper response essay. Editing this essay on the forum is just impossible. It is not the job of the contributor to rewrite this whole essay in proper English, if a contributor would even be willing to do so. Like I said, the whole essay just does not make any sense to the reader. It is unusable. Seek professional writing help for your essay. That is the only way you might be able to properly explain your response to the prompt.
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Feb 27, 2020   #3
thank you for recommendation to me so i 'm trying to improve so better

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