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TOEFL Integrated task - three possible explanation regarding the origin of this old manuscript

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Nov 23, 2017   #1
Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they respond to the specific points made in the reading passage.

old manuscript origin

The speaker and the reading talk about a manuscript presented by a bookseller named Wilfred M. Voynich. The reading provides three possible explanation regarding the origin of this old manuscript. The speaker, however, refutes each possibility.

First, the speaker said that the work cannot be a product of Ascham. He argues that Ascham was a typical writer and could not produce such an original work. In addition, Ascham's book about plants is a collection of other authors work. Therefore, the speculation that Ascham wrote the book is inconsistent and unlikely.

Second, the speaker argues that although Kelley was a good deceiver, he didn't need such an articulated work to deceive people of that time. A much simpler manuscript would suffice for this purpose. Therefore, it is unlikely that he spent so much effort to produce such a fake manuscript and then sell it to wealthy nobles in Europe.

Third, according to the speaker, there are ways that we can speculate a manuscript age. So, it is a useless trick for Voynich to create it. The speaker argued that Voynich might fake the paper by using an old paper but he could not fake the old ink used in the manuscript.


Lecture: vocaroo./i/s01KuAoVNpMj

I appreciate any comment that helps me score higher in this task. Thanks.

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Nov 24, 2017   #2
Behzab, your opening paragraph could have been stronger if you have indicated the criteria that was to be discussed in the essay, based upon the audio comparison that you listened to. There should have been a short description of what the book is, the material used, and why there is a controversy as to the actual source and publication date of the book. Then the criteria for judging the assumed publication date of the book should have also been presented. These should have been used as the topic sentences or opening sentences of your discussion paragraphs. Now, the biggest problem of the essay is that, rather than having you present your understanding of the discussion proposed per topic you practically take the quotes ad verbatim for your essay. That defeated the purpose of this essay which is to test your English comprehension skills. While you did recognize the important parts of the discussion, the fact that you could not paraphrase it means you did not totally understand what the meaning of the discussion was.

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