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(INTERESTING) The bar chart reveals the mean growth of GDP of three types of countries; IELTS

somasalims 15 / 27 5  
Dec 14, 2014   #1
The bar chart reveals the mean growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of three types of countries; wealthy countries, globaliser countries, and non-globaliser countries; from 1960s to 1990s. It is measured in percentage. Overall, it can be seen that, despite some fluctuations in non-globaliser countries, the average of GDP of wealthy countries decreased while the globaliser countries increased.

In 1960s, the average of GDP in wealthy countries stood at about 4.7%. Next decade, it dropped sharply to around 2.9% and then fell gradually to approximately 2.2% in 1980's and 2.0% in 1990s. A decrease of mean GDP of about 2.5% was experienced by wealthy countries during the period.

On the contrary, the mean of GDP in globaliser countries was only about 1.3% in 1960s and then rose significantly every decades. It was nearly 2.8% in 1970s, 3.4% in 1980s, and 4.9% in the last time, a dramatic rise of around 3.6% between 1960s and 1990s.

Finally, in non-globaliser countries, the mean of GDP fluctuated during the time frame. Moreover, it peaked at about 3.2% in 1970s and reached a low of nearly 0.8% in 1980s.

fadlanmuzakki 15 / 49 36  
Dec 14, 2014   #2
Hi Soma Salim S,
May I give several suggestions, I hope you do not mind.

globaliser countries

non-globaliser countries

globaliser countries

Have you checked (twice) this vocabulary in you dictionary?, because I am afraid "gobalizer" is inappropriate vocabulary which is not an adjective. You probably can use "globalized country"

It is measured in percentage

are you completely sure to use "in" as preposition. I am afraid when you use passive sentence, proposition "in" is not collocate with your sentence.

It is probably : it is measured by percentage or it measure in percentage"


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