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"International Study" - Higher education should be open to all (discuss)

chhan naroth 1 / -  
Oct 18, 2012   #1
Name : Chhan Naroth
International Study
Nowadays, education is considered as the most important thing for everyone to success in the life and easy to find a job, so most people tend to pursue higher education much more than before. Especially, now, in many modern societies educations at school, universities or colleges have played an important role for people of new generation to find the knowledge easier than before. Concerning to new era of technological advancement appears that make all people to have a desire to study more and more. There are many international universities and colleges have opened to welcome for all people, females, males gender and any other different races in the world. They can choose to study everywhere they want if they can support the school fee. Like, in this recently year many people are going outside of their country to get higher education.

However there are still some parents think that boys should study much more than girls and some people believe that college or universities education should be able to intelligent students or rich students only. On the opposite, I support the idea that all a colleges or universities education should be available to all students.

First, Education at colleges or universities is necessary for all people, not just only rich students, intelligent or male students because the major purpose of education is to provide all the students with knowledge and skills to develop the world. Especially they can improve their professional, skills higher when attend the university. Moreover education was another key economic resource for all people. The educated people benefited from the capabilities that their universities gave them and including greater confidence in the marketplace and better interpersonal skills. Educated people had resources that helped them to keep their life of living standard. So the universities should open to all people to inter to get a higher education. If the universities not available for all it could be leaded to the serious lack of work force in the future. However the large numbers of the people decided not going to the universities by themselves or by other condition of poor family cannot support for the universities fee, all these they will meet the difficulties to find a good job, to increase poverty in the family, poor health, don t get a social life.

Second, this is easy to understand that because only some people are trained and equipped with specialized knowledge are easier for them to live and can find a well-paid job. So another people that cannot go to universities or colleges will get economic vulnerability which makes survival more difficult, living in bad condition lacking knowledge, long term poor from generation to generation, from parents to children.

For example the real situation in Cambodia which is my country, is the third country (poor country). Some poor family at the rural or country side they like to invest in their son's education rather than daughters' education. For their daughter they just send them to school for a short period, most of them just only know how read literature and get a little knowledge from school because they leave studying at the aged of too young. Parents don t has enough money to support both female and male child. They prefer to let male child can continue to studying until universities or colleges. Male child has more privilege to get higher education rather than female child, because the parents hope for a better economic future on their sons' labor more potential to support family. Can work hard and work outside from home. One another purpose of the parents thinks that male head the economics of a whole family so they need higher knowledge than daughter. The daughter when get married they just stay at home to manage the work at household and take care of children and husband, baring, cooking. In contrast most people are living in the city or rich family; they send their children to school from elementary school until university. These demonstrate that culture capital advantages only rich people. So inequality between rich and poo people it is a problem happen in poor country.

In conclusion, I always support the idea getting higher education, especially education at colleges and universities should be available or open for all people and try to promote and encourage all the people to continue their study and parents must open mind to see the new world, to give a better future for their children, must send their children both male and female to school, colleges, university not just male only because I believe that purpose of education is to train and equip learners with necessary knowledge and skills. This means that there is no boundary among people who want to pursue higher education. Moreover, this is also meaningful and important because people can go anywhere with an education. We as humans need currency to get around and basically live, people won't have it if people don t get a job. A good job is acquired through an education. If they cannot afford an education, then they are considered a failure.

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Oct 18, 2012   #2
Chhan Naroth,
I completely agree with you. This applies to me because, I am from a not very rich family, so its going to be hard for me to get into a very good school and get the education that I need. I am very smart, I have a 4.0 GPA, but I am going to have to work harder to get in the collage that i want to go to, which is Stanford, Yale, or Harvard, then let's say a person with more money than me because i am going to have to get a full ride scholarship, in order to go there. They are giving scholarships to the rich who don't need it as much as the poorer.

I would include that information in your paper, I think that it will help get your point across!
Very good job though!


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