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Less international travel in the future.

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May 19, 2020   #1

Some people point out that there will be less international travel in the future.

Do you think it is a positive or negative trend?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.(can you give individual scores based on criteria?)

Cross-country travelling is quite debatable topic and many people believes that in the upcoming future international travel will become less over the period of time. So, it needs to ascertain whether it would be positive or negative sign for a nation. Well, I am of the both view that it would be positive trend as well as negative trend.

First of all, if inter-country travelling will be less in the near future then it is beneficial for a country as it will help in saving the outflow of domestic currency to other nation. For example, if people go for holiday trip internationally then they end up spending handsome amount on adventure activities, souvenirs etcetera, so it is an indirect loss for the native country to which travellers belong. Moreover, persons who travel abroad much frequently become habitual to adopt the culture of destination country which is not at all good for a nation since it will start losing their culture values gradually.

On the other hand, tourism industry plays a vital role in uplifting the economy. Any country will be able to earn major chunk of income through tourism sector, therefore, if foreigners people will not visit internationally then a country will not be able to earn foreign exchange. Various researches have shown that federal government earns humongous amount of revenue in the form of taxes through international tourism. Furthermore, many sectors which are directly associated with the tourism will have drastic impact on their growth i.e. hospitality sector, entertainment zones etc.

To sum up, I understand that international tourism is integral for a nation by which we can maintain the good relationship with other country and can earn revenue but we should not forget the cultural values of one's own country by visiting other nation.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,979 2697  
May 20, 2020   #2
I will not score this essay on the individual scoring considerations because it will automatically fail in the TA section. This is not a passing essay because again, you failed to deliver a clear opinion given the question. There is no middle ground. You cannot say "I partly agree or disagree" because there is no option for "maybe" in the given discussion question. You need to pick a stance or opinion to support and then explain why you support it.

However, in your reasoning paragraph, you may use a comparative discussion stance ONLY IF it leads to a strong discussion of your singular support for a specific point of view. The formula for that type of discussion is:

- Present a positive or negative (pick one only) discussion topic
- Give a negative or positive ( pick one only) reason
- Offer an example that supports why positive or negative topic is really a positive or negative reason (pick one only)
- Explain why the example further supports your negative or positive reason (pick one only)

The idea is to show that for every positive perception, there is an equivalent negative reaction. Your job, is to prove either the negative (if you choose a positive topic sentence) or a positive (if you choose to use a negative topic sentence) discussion points in the 2 reasoning paragraphs. That is why you need to pick one specific stand for yourself. The problem is you refuse to make a clear decision regarding the discussion topic. Your TA score always fails because you fail to give a clear opinion based on the discussion choices. That is what I keep trying to explain to you in every essay that you write. Make a decision. Give one opinion in support of a given choice. Do not make up your own choice. That is a prompt deviation that always results in the examiner failing the exam taker. The reason being you showed that you did not understand the given discussion instructions. So, you cannot pass the test. If you cannot follow English instructions, you cannot follow the instructions provided for homework, research, and tests in an English only academic institution in the UK.

This is an advanced writing method that I am not fully convinced your can accomplish since you seem to have your own idea of how to write these essays. You cannot seem to understand what I am trying to tell you. This type of essay is never a comparative or A/D discussion essay. However, the format I gave you above should be simple enough for you to follow since it will allow you to do the discussion you want while still focusing on a single opinion discussion per paragraph. You have to learn to follow instructions in English and not keep making up your own instructions because that is what you want to write. If you do what you want, you will be able to write what you wish to, but the examiner will fail your test because you did not follow his instructions, which is what matters the most in scoring your essay. The instructions are there for scoring purposes, Follow the instructions. Choose one side to support or dis/agree with.

This is 4 paragraph essay. The conclusion should still focus on the single opinion that you support. Not a middle aisle opinion. That is not how this essay is designed to be responded to and until you learn that, you will keep getting low marks for not having a clear opinion in the essay.

Once you write an essay in the expected and proper format, you have my word that I will score your essay on an individual scoring consideration, even without your asking me to do so. You have my word.

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