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Internet as communication medium and tools for search information.

Jan 5, 2017   #1

internet in today's world

Today, the internet is a decisive technology in the Information Age. Some people believe that the internet the best medium of communication while the others argue that it is not be the reliable tools to search information. This essay discusses both views and gives my own opinion.

The internet compresses time and space. People around the world connected, albeit there is high inequality level of bandwitch, speed, price, and efficiency. With the explosion of wireless communication technology, user of internet can send or receive document without deliver hardcopy. In addition, the use of internet increases sociability, civic engagement and intimates family and friend relationship. Neither alienate people from society neither reduce sociability, the social network as one of feature in internet connected people arround the world. Everyone join a new community. Then, a member of family can communicate interactively with his siblings who lives far away.

On the other hand, some people argue that the internet may not be the best tools to look for information. The internet allows everyone to publishes or writes everything. So, information that is taken from cyberspace is not reliable. Although the internet offers easy access and instance information. It does not means that the validity and reliability of data and information is guarranted. It is because sometimes some websites provides fake information or inaccurate statistics.

I argue that we have to use the social media wisely. The increasing use of social media is not always lead to withdrawal from community and family relationship. We also critically select and check the information that we take from internet. We should examine the validity and reliability of information in websites in cyberspace.

In conclusion, the internet is very useful for communication medium specially the use of social media. Meanwhile we should critically use internet for finding information.
Diazalichsan 1  
Jan 5, 2017   #2

Hello gribi
In this occasion I would give you some of the suggestion to tweak more of your amazing essay
You should pay more attention on some grammatical error and use some of cohesive device more carefully. Furthermore, its better if you only use 4 paragraphs (including Intro, Main Body 1 and 2, and Conclusion) it will be more efficient and more well-structured.

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