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Internet against Public Libraries

gekani 1 / -  
May 13, 2020   #1

Due to the development of the internet, public libraries are no longer necessary.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Internet is becoming more advanced and important to some people, to an extent that they prefer this source of education over the traditional approach such as public libraries. However, I strongly believe that libraries are irreplaceable, as not only do they encourage a positive sense of belonging, they are also a more credible source of knowledge when compare to the Internet.

First of all, libraries offer beyond just simple information, they also bring people together and promote a tighter community connection. In fact, these places are often considered to be gathering locations that offer educational seminars and workshops. This means it facilitates get-togethers and discussions among learners, which in turn assist their learning development. As the result, local people would perceive libraries as a place to receive help, as well as acknowledge others' difficulties and support them.

Secondly, libraries contain physical books are generally more credible than the Internet. This is because before a book is published, there are strict procedures that authors need to follow. After that, that book is going through peer review and proofread. All these steps are to ensure that the information provided is reliable. On the other hand, Internet is more relaxed in terms of restriction, which leads to some websites providing writer's opinions rather than proved facts. The inconsistent of information accuracy results in the readers being confused or believing in incorrect data.

In conclusion, even with the growing popularity of the Internet, I absolutely believe in the importance of maintaining and developing public libraries. Not only do they promote a strong relationship within the community, they are also the most reliable source of information.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,568 2485  
May 13, 2020   #2
This is an almost excellent essay that should score above the simple passing band score. In my opinion, this essay is a good example of a starting at 7 band score presentation. Why?

- You properly responded to the prompt question, although you should have indicated that you believe that libraries are still a necessity rather than being irreplaceable. The former being more in tune with the original prompt. Necessity = something indispensable, irreplaceable = unique or cannot be replaced. The words have 2 different meanings. indispensable being the more vocabulary appropriate word to use in the relation to the given discussion.

- You focused your reasoning paragraphs on supporting your point of view regarding the given topic
- Your discussion paragraphs are solidly developed in a clear and connected manner
- Your conclusion covered all of the required elements

You indicated that the internet and libraries are a source of education. Rather, these are sources of information. Education just happens to be a side effect of the pursuit of information. I know, I am nitpicking, but you want to have the most perfect essay presentation right? That starts with an accurate restatement of the given discussion. You never know what may add or deduct from your scoring considerations.

While the grammar is far from perfect, the clarity by which you presented your information made up for any grammatical errors in terms of simple and complex sentence presentations and lack of other punctuation mark usage (other than a period and comma). Again, nitpicking. Overall, good work though. This is a good start for you.

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