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Internet Users as percentage of populations

Here is my Task 1 essay for IELTS, the graph is below to the essay. Would you please have a comment on it? Your help is really appreciated!

Internet access in Canadian, American and Mexican households

The line graph compares three distinct countries in terms of people who used the Internet from 1999 to 2009.
It can be seen that the proportion of population who utilized the Internet increased in each country over the period surveyed. Overall, a significantly higher percentage of the Canadian and American access to the Internet in comparison with Mexican, and Canada experienced the fastest growth in Internet usage.

In 1999, leading the chart, the proportion of people using the internet in USA yielded approximately 25%. The figure for Canada and Mexico were lower which stood at 10% and 5%, respectively. Over a 6-year-period from 1999 to 2005, the increase trends were seen in all of the nations. Specifically, Internet usage in both USA and Canada rose to around 70% in 2005, Mexico also reached over 25%.

By 2009, the percentage of Internet users hit their peaks in all of 3 nations. Almost 100% of Canadians used the internet, compared to about 80% of Americans and only 40% of Mexicans.

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