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'Interpersonal skills' - Self Essay

paulo311 1 / -  
Dec 11, 2011   #1
Please give me any feedback you have. Appreciate the help.

Interpersonal skills are something every well-functioning human being should have, and that sadly I lack parts of. They are a necessary not only for saying what we need to say but also for sharing our thoughts, feelings and behaviors with those who surround us. I want to fully learn to interact with others to fulfill many different needs, such as feeling accepted, respected, valued and most especially expressing myself. Being able to communicate myself in a healthy way increases my efficiency at work, school, and personal growth.

I believe that communicating correctly enhances will make me shine at work and let others see what I'm really like. If you're able to communicate with your co-workers they will see what you have to offer in terms of intelligence and/or sociability. For example, I like to keep up with the latest tech news, mainly regarding phones and computers. Often times I would hear my classmates having a discussion on which phone was the best one but they wouldn't really know the specifications of each. Even though I knew them I chose not to say anything simply out of shyness. Now that I have acquired greater communication skills I'm able to join the discussion. Communication is simply a must have for a successful life from my point of view since it determines a huge part of my definition of success which is to have loved ones around you when needed.

Another good example was last Friday the 14th, I asked my boss Luci for Friday and Saturday of the Halloween weekend off because I wanted to go to horror nights with my girlfriend and I don't think I made myself fully understandable. I hate when I do that because I tend to start mumbling and I feel like I'm not taken as seriously as I should be. That's something I really need to work on, I start to breathe faster and I can't catch a breath to talk, I need to take a deep breath and pronunciate correctly

I have to say my pronunciation is probably the worst communication problem I have, it frustrates me when I know it's hard for others to understand what I'm saying and also the look on people's eyes like "whaaaaat??". It's more likely to happen when I' m talking to someone I don't know but not all the time. For example: If I ask the stranger next to me for a pen I will most likely say that 100 percent clear and without a problem but if I wanted to strike up a conversation with this stranger I would probably mumble and make a fool of myself. I think there's nothing worse than knowing what you're doing wrong but not knowing how to fix it, it gives me a very severe frustration and a feeling of stupidity.

When it comes to talking to someone I'm already comfortable with I'll be able to talk calmly and clearly unless its something I get very excited about which is when I start talking very fast and not taking breaks to breath. My girlfriend always complains about how when I get excited over a subject my voice becomes very nasally and I start to mumble, that just sounds terrible to me and I can't even notice a difference between that and my regular tone of voice and speed.

At school I feel very confident but I'm not really sure what the reason for that is, I usually speak well and communicate with others clearly, the only problem is that I sometimes speak too softly and the other person cannot hear me. Even though I don't talk much, when I do I don't want to have to repeat myself and know that I'm doing it again. When it comes down to doing presentation or talking to the whole class I shut down and become extremely shy. This is one of the reasons why I chose to do a verbal presentation in class, so that it can help me get over this long term fear and make me feel more comfortable and confident.

I mentioned personal growth because I feel that I am not heard the way I want to be, it may be my not loud voice, mumbling, or speed but I want to change that. I want to be heard and understood and I want to make a difference in this world and I can't do so without being able to express myself. I want to be an inspiration for others, to lead by example and do the right thing as much as I can.

After a lot of research and self-exploration I'm starting to see that this has a lot to do with confidence and your development. A big part of it is that but another part is that I'm not from here, English is my second language. I had to learn it when I was 10 years old and it took me about a year and a half to do so. This is why I mumble some sentences and don't know how to pronounce certain words. Deep inside I know that the main reason is because of self-confidence but I will also attribute part of it to that.

I know that the things I want to change such as mumbling, pronunciation, speed, and shyness will not change from one day to the next but I'm continuously working on it because I know I will need it for the rest of my life. There's not a single situation I can imagine myself in where I won't need to communicate, if its with a co-worker, a friend or a complete stranger. Communication is needed for everything which is why I'm taking this task so seriously. I've always known that I needed to improve that but I always thought "I'll do it later", if it wasn't for this course I would still be procrastinating and probably never have gotten the will to do all of this. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new set of ideas and wisdom and the best part is that it was through self-exploration and some curiosity.

purple_216 - / 2  
Dec 11, 2011   #2
this is for the second sentence in the first paragraph. "Interpersonal skills are not only necessary for sayiny what we need to say" because that sentence was not clear to me.
stellastella 18 / 25  
Dec 24, 2011   #3
If you are writing for an academic writing it is better to avoid contraction which I see a lot in your essay.
For example, I'm really like I am really like.
If you're able to If you are able to

Best Wish

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