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Essay introduction about SELF CONFIDENCE

derpeena 1 / 1  
Sep 7, 2013   #1
Hallow so this is my essay introduction about self confidence.
Please check it out.
The prompt for the essay is to write about the importance of self confidence in one's life.

One spark a match can make beats up the mighty night. One sneaky ray through a break changes what's dark so bright. One point can change a sentence and makes the meaning right. One smile can find its way to the soul and fills it with delight. One gene makes you deformed, abnormally ill, or thin. Another can make you feel a static room can spin. One atom codes for a molecule and decides its geometry. Even a zero on the left counts up in binary. One vote changes a nation and the president that might be. It's one and one in everything. It's up to "you", you see!

Again: this is only the introduction and not the whole essay.
Thanks for your time.

marmaria 10 / 30 5  
Sep 11, 2013   #2
WOW...are you a poet?
your introduction was really beautiful. I do not know if it maches the requirements for the independent essay on TOEFL. But it was very good. and I can imagine the face of the one who evaluates you essay.

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