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Introductions for IELTS Writing Test Task 2

riaerizal11 3 / 5  
Aug 25, 2016   #1
Hi everyone,
these are some introductions for essays in Writing Test Task 2
I also enclose the essay questions so it would be easier to be understood
If you don't mind, please help me to check the text,
Especially on the paraphrases that i made and how clear i stated my position in that following statement.
Thanks in advance :)

Question 1
As global trade increases, many goods, including those we use on a daily basis, are produced in other countries and have to be transported long distances.

Do the benefits of this trend outweigh the drawbacks?

Today, when international market is booming, people around the world are more familiar to commodities from other countries. It could be seen by everyday stuffs that humans use recently. There might be a number of advantages come along with this trend. But there are also other factors which need to consider, such as the shipment fare, while we import the goods.

Question 2
In many countries, children are engaged in some kind of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong while others consider it as valuable work experience.

Discuss both opinions and give your opinion?

These days, not only the elderly could be found in a workplace, but also young ages take responsibilities in order to make money. Many people believe that such things could gain advantages, but i would more likely to agree the other groups who dissent the statement.

Question 3
Unpaid community service should be a compulsary part of high schol programs (for example, working for a charity, improving the neighbourhood, or teaching sports to younger children.

To what extent do you agree or disagrees?

Recently, people see that there are necessities for high schools to carry out a project where students will involve to perform in non profit activities. For example, working for charity, or improving the neighbourhood. I believe that there must have good reasons behind the idea. As such, I will explain it in the following paragraphs.
Faridadwi18 67 / 104 13  
Aug 25, 2016   #2
Hi ria,

- Today, when international market is booming growing, people (...) more familiar toin commodities which come from other countries. It couldcan be seen by everydaydaily stuffs that humans use recently.

... other factors which need to be consider, such as the ...

Hopefully it helps.

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