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IELTS ESSAY: Invention of A New International Language. Advantages & Disadvantages.

Ginwo 1 / 1  
Oct 25, 2011   #1
Hello, everyone, this is the first time I publish my essay.
Pls help me, because I really don't know how to deal with this kind of essay.

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of inventing a new international laguage to communicate around the world.

In the past, few languages such as English, regarded as an official lingua franca, have played a dominant role in communication between different districts throughout the world. However, someone insist that a new international language should be invented in terms of enhancing efficient of international communication and interaction. Regardless of some undeniable advantages, I believe that this action will bring more negatives than positives.

Inevitably, one of the main concerns is about the unintended consequences for cultural identity and cultural diversity, especially for the ethnic minorities. Languages in these countries have been suffering extinction. Once the new international language established and accepted, the speed of lesser-known languages' dying out will be pushed up and the publics may be steeped in a monotonous world with very few languages.

Another negative effect would be that this innovation will markedly increase the government expenditure in creating, publishing and teaching it. As we all know, a wide variety of languages are rooted in their own cultural context and cultural heritage. That is to say, every language is unique with their special characters. As a result of this invention, a huge amount of fund and experts should be invested in this programme to combine these different characters into one. The first step is hard for any government or international community to afford. In this case, maintaining the main position of English around the world is much more cost-efficient and effective than invocating a brand-new one.

But, individuals can be benefit from this new international language. At least it enables people to communicate with others more conveniently. For instance, individuals can travel the world without language barriers. Furthermore, it may boost the international peace. More precisely, it tends to narrow language gap, improve understanding and reduce the conflicts between different ethnics. However, these advantages can exist in any global language if it would be modified to more inclusive and be treated in a more significant way.

In conclusion, for the reasons I have given, that the enormous potential risks of innovating a single international language vastly outweigh the benefits of it.

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There are several question I want to ask:
Are the topic sentences clear?
Are all of the supports good? Do they contribute the topic good? How can I change or modify it?
Is my standpoinnt clear?

Thanks agian.


OP Ginwo 1 / 1  
Oct 25, 2011   #3
You mean the 'for the reasons I have given' in the last sentence?
Thx a lot.

It's already 1:00 am in my country. I have to go to bed now.
Hope somebody can help me.
I may not reply in 6 hours but I will reply any help as soon as I can, after I get up.
hyperione 5 / 11  
Nov 19, 2011   #4
i think you have to add more sentences in support of an unique language, in fact the creation of a unique language will bring economical facilities. furthermore the unique language would help to the creation of a unique state all over the world. surely the cultural heritage of the different countries will be modified but it is acceptable for a world with no more wars (maybe) and with a strongest economical system.
mursel 6 / 12  
Nov 23, 2011   #5
official lingua franca what do you mean that it is wrong

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