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Where all inventors come from? The education background is an important aspect.

Bams17 28 / 43  
Nov 23, 2016   #1
Inventions and the education background

Recently, invention is the most popular thing in the world. It is because technology always developed rapidly. Many inventors try to discover new invention every day which is come from multi background education, even people said that inventors as doctor are not essential to civilisation. From this view I consider that background education is important aspect.

Nowadays, many researchers come from low education, but they can prove that they eligible and can find new invention. On the other side, there is no regulation which is say that inventors should be doctor because every body has similar right in particular inventors. To instance, in Indonesia there are inventors come from less education people but in the reality their invention offers easiest to the human life. I can say that as common people think, their invention will be accepted in civilisation and will be acknowledged. As a result all people can be inventor.

However, personally I consider that education is the most critical aspect should be inventors have. It is because education will leads inventor to conduct routinely research to find out new invention. In this case in particular are doctors. Usually doctors will give big impact to the society with their invention and knowledge. The doctors conduct research and give knowledge to the civilisation such as seminar, training, or coaching. Those are easy as doctors because the things are entirely appropriate with their profession.

To sump up, background education in particular doctors is important to society because the invention should be find regularly and the society need knowledge from the inventors and the doctor is an appropriate people to do it.

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alfinkurnia 33 / 47  
Nov 23, 2016   #2
Hello bams, this is my correction for you, feel free to correction me too.

In the past , invention is the most important thing in the world. It's because technology ... (Go on topic, I think your writing is out of topic)

Numerous inventors tried to discover new invention ...

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