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Investigations of the committed crimes and the right to view on offenders' past convictions

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Oct 7, 2019   #1

access to the defendant's past criminal record

It is obvious that past events play an inevitable role in understanding certain motives for committing crimes. In British and Australian laws, however, there is no consideration about past criminal record, which evokes an argument from some lawyers who support taking this aspect into account before coming to the conclusion. Personally,I totally agree with the call for changes in these two nations' policy.

First and foremost, investigations of the crimes committed in the past provide deeper insights into the defendants' progress. A person who was once sent to prison for his act of violence is more likely to get involved in illegal fight, judging on his natural instincts and personality orientation. The more we understand about an individual's past, we bigger picture we can depict and therefore make a better decision for not missing any important possibility.

Secondly, past-based judgements help the authority to come up with appropriate approaches to deal with the criminals. It is clear that many crimes are committed due to social and family background, which have an enormous impact on a person's behavior and attitude. People who were treated badly and poorly educated as a child tend to act less modernisedly than those receiving proper care. Acknowledging the past criminal record can therefore raise the questions of the effectiveness of applied methods,together with providing education and rehabilitation policy that work for them.

Considering and analysing past events can take a huge amount of time and effort, but eventually increase the acuteness of decisions and possibility of more suitable dealing approaches. Therefore, it is vital for Britain and Australia to change their laws to guarantee a full-development program for criminals and a sustainable future for the society.

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Oct 9, 2019   #2
Hello. Thanks for being back again! I'm here to give feedback on your writing.

Firstly, well-done on the first paragraph. It was smooth, and yet it also had integrated proper information that are necessary to build up on. I commend this.

What you do need to work on is actively trying to minimize run-on sentences. If we take a look at your second and third paragraphs, it's quite prevalent how cluttered some sentences are. Use appropriate punctuation at all times, and ascertain that you are not adding unnecessary details that take up the bulk of space. Remember that every word counts when you're writing these types of essays.

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