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Investing in preventative measures instead of letting disease happen and then trying to cure

tranthilan 2 / 2  
Sep 5, 2020   #1

prevention is better than cure

I extremely support the idea of investing in presentative measures instead of letting disease happen and then trying to cure.
Researching and treating will definitely cost too much money. We have to spend a huge amount of money on finding therapy or treatment for the disease. Besides, we also pay for solving related issues which is inevitable such as : financial recession, rasing number of unemployments...... There are always potential issues that we can compute exactly, once it happened we have no choice but to face it which will cost lots of money. In any pandemic, time is not on our side ,if a person got sick , the number of cases and death toll will grow exponentially.

Implementing preventative measures is more likely to success in fighting disease. The infection capability of disease is extremely hight,once it broke out, we will virtually fail to control the local epidemic , let alone global pandemic. It would be far easier when we focus on prevention. Everyone can contribute to drive back the disease by very simple action. For instance : practicing social distancing, wearing face mask, washing hands frequently others .

In conclusion, people should comply with presentative rules to keep themselves from disease , sometimes overcaution is necessary.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,107 3258  
Sep 5, 2020   #2
I hope that you were not writing a task 2 essay with this presentation. That is because you only wrote 208 words, which will almost assure you of a non-passing score. There will be too large a percentage point deducted from your presentation based on the 250 minimum word requirement. You should be writing at least 250 words to avoid getting penalized based on word count. The presentation also has several spelling, grammar, conciseness, and vocabulary issues. All of these unchecked errors tells me that you wrote this essay in a rush, never considered the actual discussion requirements, and had no idea that you were required to write at least 250 words. This being your first essay presentation, I will cut you some slack. You need to come back here with another essay. Post the prompt, then your discussion. That way, I can clearly assess your work. Remember, you need at least 250 words for me to properly consider your writing talents.

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