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GRE issue essay about "educational institutes responsability"

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Sep 11, 2013   #1
I am practicing for the GRE issue essay, and these is the result from one of the topics in the official topic pool for the issue essay. Thank you in advance for any recommendation, it would be gladly accepted and analyzed.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

"Educational institutes have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed"

My essay:

Arguments against :

*Each person has the right to decide by himself.
*How a educational institutes can measure or predict the real abilities of a person?
*Abilities also need motivation.

Arguments in favor:
*Favor the real needs of the market (specified by the government). Prevent saturation
*Promote a more stable future for the students.
*Promote the abilities through the whole process to be more comfortable with them.

I choose to write in favor of the topic. This essay was write in less than 40 minutes (still high for the test), so I would apologize in advance for any incoherence. I choose to present it as it is, to have a better perspective of my abilities (inabilities) to write a coherent essay in a limited time.


The educational institutes should feel obligated to promote and motivate students that they are more likely to succeed. This responsibility extends and affects more than only the student as a person. It generates a better society overall, but it still benefits the person as a unity.

In a personal level, this project favor a stable future, emotionally and economically, for the student. This is accomplished because the student when is exposed to the "real world" managed to fulfill the tasks needed by their jobs more efficiently, which entails in better jobs because their capacity is going to be rewarded. Emotionally, economic stability favor each persons to pursue other interest in their free time.

The abilities of the person can be measure with the use of tests, but in a periodic manner. So with the data recollected the educational entities can make projections of the future development of the skills of the student and predict in a more systematic way the real abilities that the student can obtain.

Another factor that favors this proposition is that the areas, in which the persons can succeed, are normally jobs or market that are not saturated; and they are a consequence of the needs of the region or country. This can be done with a more stretch relation between the government, the educational institutes and the private entities. There are economical analysis that make projections of the country needs, so if the educational system can motivate students to study this areas it would be beneficial for both, the country as a whole and the student by itself. This because the society would be taking advantage of the abilities of the student creating a better development for him and the country.

During the time the time the student is studying the educational institutes should asses and analyse his abilities regularly and promote society-focus projects in which he can use this abilities, where society-focus means real needs of the country, so in this way they would promote the students to be away of areas in which they are unlikely to succeed.
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Sep 11, 2013   #2
inOn a personal level, this project favorfavours a stable future, emotionally and economically, for the students
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Sep 11, 2013   #3
Thank you for your reply
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Sep 28, 2013   #4
This responsibility extends and affects more than only the student as a person

.... I wish you improve this line a bit mre;
This responsibility is not limited to ensuring the students a bright future alone. Instead it extends to creating a better society too.
Is this what it means?

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