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IELTS WRITING TASK 2 - the issue of international communication

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Apr 30, 2021   #1

international language

It is undeniable that there are several divergent languages around the world, thereby discouraging people from different regions or cultures to communicate with each other. To overcome this obstacle, some suggestions that we should create a new language which will be used as an "international language" among people who come from different areas. However, it is not an appreciable idea to bring the world into one platform due to the fact that few people would recognize it as well as waste time on developing this worldwide language.

First of all, a brand new language would not be eager by many people since it would be artificial and not related to any culture. In addition, learning a new international language would take a lot of time including the grammar and the vocabulary of this language.

Secondly, promoting a new language requires financial support and a vast amount of time to complete tasks. For instance, in some countries such as China and India, plenty of languages are being used because it is financially unrealistic to teach everyone in poor areas one language. Although this might be achieved finally, it will take as long as a hundred years or even more.

It is wholly true that the new language will become their priority to have higher education and better jobs that enhance the human life's standard. However, we all know that variety is the spice of life and language is related to culture. So, if we have one language spoken in the whole world, then it would be a dreary and dismal place to live in.

In conclusion, although there would be benefits such as easy trade and travel, inventing a new language for international communication is not a good idea because of the various reasons given above. In my opinion, it is totally a waste of time and financial budget to make a new language due to the fact that its advantages cannot outweigh its disadvantages.
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May 1, 2021   #2
Do not alter the original theme of the discussion. The first paragraph of the task 2 essay always portrays your understanding and rendition of the original presentation. That paragraph should highlight your English comprehension skills only, it is not the part of the presentation where your reasoning discussion starts. As such, it should not contain any reference to a proven opinion, as you did in the first sentence. Such information is seen as altering the original presentation content and discussion intention. In the 1st paragraph you failed to directly respond to the question posed as well. That direct response would have set the tone for your discuss prior to the reasoning sentence topic presents. While the paraphrase was not off to a great start, it did show your comprehensive skills in relation to the discuss required. Next time avoid over statements and try to respond to the direct question before giving your thesis statement.

You also have a tendency to not fully develop your explanations in relation to one another. This occured in the 2nd paragraph where you stated 2 topic sentences, without fully providing reasons and related examples. This paragraph would have also lowered your c&c score because of the missing discussion development. By the way, this is only a 4 paragraphs essay, not 5 paragraphs. The original prompt clearly stated a 2 paragraph reasoning presentation. You would have garnered a higher score if you focused on the explanation development of 2 separate reasons when compared to several discussion paragraphs that fail to meet scoring requirements.

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