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The issue about protecting wild animals. Give your opinion

renezella 2 / 6  
Apr 4, 2020   #1

saving wild animals - whose duty is it?

Has modern life changes so much that wild animals have no longer existed in the 21st century? It seems to me that it is governments's duty to conserve wildlife and wild animals as they, throughout the ages, play an important role in both our life and environment.

First and foremost, wild animals are believed to protect ecological stability and balance. For instance, predatory like wolves serve a purpose for ecosystem by hunting herbivores such as deer. In other words, were wolves destroyed, deer would be free in eating plans, increasing their population in uncontrollable way, which seriously spoil the nature and wildlife.

What is more, it could be argued that wild animals, in terms of economic, bring a huge amount of revenue for the benefit of human. As a matter of fact that animals appearing on television programs, advertisements and TV shows are attractive and appealing to human. For instance, people are immediately attracted by wild animals as they usually go to the zoos, camping in the mountain or forest, visit the safari and so on. As a result, government and business could easily gain a great deal of money, those which might help to develop a country's economic.

Contrary to popular belief, on the other hand, there are some people who claim that it is a waste of money to protecting wild animals. It cannot be denied that government might have paid a considerable sum of money on saving wildlife, however, compared to the benefit that animals bring, it is worth channelling fund into the conservation of wild animal.

All things considered, I therefore believe that wild animals are in need of being protected, especially the endangered animals. In other words, each one of us has a commission to conserve wild animals as we are protecting our life.

(P/s: Hi, I am profoundly grateful for your review about my essay. Moreover, the question of this essay is: " Wild animals have no place in 21st century, and the protection is a waste of resource. To what extent do you agree or disagree?" Once again, thank you very much!!)
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,693 3497  
Apr 4, 2020   #2
Please remember to place the prompt at the start of the essay, not at the bottom. I need the reference question at the start so I will know how to review your essay. Do not place it at the bottom. It makes the task of reviewing your essay more difficult as I have to read it twice. Once just because i need to read it and then again because you finally gave the review instructions for it.

Anyway, you are offering a non-response to the question in the original prompt so the essay will automatically get a TA failing score of 3. The original discussion instruction is: To what extent do you agree or disagree? However, you chose to not respond to the given question. Which means that your essay does not express a position on the given topic. As such, your essay will have to receive significant point deductions in relation to the TA section.

You do know that you are not allowed to express your personal opinion in the concluding statement right? By the way, even when you did express an opinion, it still wasn't in the format required by the essay. So you still will not get points for that response. You have to place the response as a part of the paraphrase in the first paragraph. The conclusion is only meant as a summary of the preceding discussion. Discussing your personal opinion there creates an open ended rather than a concluded essay.

Familiarize yourself with the proper way to frame your response to the various discussion instructions. It is always placed as a part of the paraphrase because it becomes the basis of the overall discussion and also, is one of the most important TA elements. The TA is scored at the start, not at the end of the essay.
OP renezella 2 / 6  
Apr 13, 2020   #3
Thank you for your contribution!

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