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GRE ISSUE- A public official must maintain the highest ethical and moral standards

ioancelot 1 / -  
Aug 14, 2013   #1
It's my first time to write an issue in English, your instructions will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much...XD

ISSUE: To be an effective leader, a public official must maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

I agree with the speaker's general contention that an outstanding moral accomplishment is an important part of the leader's qualities. Their moral standard should above the average among the public, if not the highest. However, if we take other standards that influence the efficiency into consideration, the overestimate on moral standards maybe lead us to a wrong way, because the efficiency is not in proportion to morality sometimes. The differenciation depends on how we define, where we applied and to which extend do we rely on such ethical and moral standards.

When it comes to morality, the speaker shouldn't conclude it too general, different kinds of morality may play different roles and have different effects in their compromise with a certain affair. Responsibility for example, is a compulsory quality for the public leaders for the sake of their own job performance and the welfare of the society. Humanity for another example, is also a component of the necessary moral standards for them. Thanks to the dissemination of democracy, the government is now more often than not obliged to work for the interests of the public instead of suppressing them just like the centuries before. If we cast a look back at our history, the domination of dictators is just like a boat sailing on the sea, their cruelty will bring rough waves to help them get to the pinnacle of power in the least time, but will also drive it down to the bottom quite soon. As a result, the society will fall into mess, let alone the efficiency. Again, there are parallels with the world today, both of which affirm the necessity of some morality for leaders.

While it's reasonable for us to make some demands on the leaders' ethical and moral standards, we should not lose sight of the fact that other demand like wholly honest and forthright is anyway naive. Even though the public leaders should live up to the public's need to be in the know, however, this kind of reckless candidness will account for the revelation of the country's secret, which will make the public face to a threat, especially when it has something to do with territory. On the personal level, this candidness is also been regarded as a behavior of immature, leader need to play tricks sometimes in order to get rid of bureaucratic procedures, which relies on their responsible judgments, and trying to maximize the benefits to all. From this point of view, the efficiency does not attribute to the leader's highest moral accomplishment but to their best choice between them and his/her coordination.

In addition, just as the gold cannot be pure, the people cannot be perfect, the speaker's demand is obsessive to an extent. Proving that all of us require the candidate by such standards, how will the future leader become? Watchful and reverent, too cautious to make any decision, and eventually disguise their true thoughts under a mask of benignancy and uncontentiousness. If you look at the development in North Korea in past fifty years, their leader's morality is colored more and more exaggerated until be depicted as the sun in the world today, whose portray always be replete with smile in contrast to the pale face of his people in reality. Ironically, such an ostensibly demand on morality leads to an invisible real immorality, which will decay the social resources and definitely bog the whole things down.

Last but not least, we are living in a law-based society, no longer ruled by autocratic, the leader may be not as much influential as before. So the efficiency in the leadership may rely on a full-fledged ruling system than the leader's personal qualities. When facing the complexity of interests in different socioeconomic groups, a convenience and normalized solving channel is more welcomed and effective. It is not to say that such kind of demand on ethical and moral standard is not groundless, but such overemphasis on it like what speaker claims make me feel like stepping back into the era of Emperor.
fahadbd 25 / 56 5  
Aug 16, 2013   #2
the overestimate on moral standards maybe lead us in a wrong way

The differenciationdifference depends on how we define, where we apply and to whichwhat extend do we rely on such ethical and moral standards

. On the personal level, this candidness has also been regarded as a behavior of immature
dumi 1 / 6924 1592  
Aug 17, 2013   #3
Read the caption below which is written on how the introduction (GRE Issue) should be constructed. Then compare what you have written;
Paragraph 1 - The Intro
How do you begin your essay? One of the following rhetorical devices is the most common: a generalization about the topic, a quotation, a short anecdote to set-up your position, a historical framework, a piece of news illustrating the relevance of the issue. Regardless of how you "get in" to the topic, you'll score points if you can admit the complexity of the issue, and show how it applies to contemporary life. Show the reader what about the topic will be your focus.

Most students open with a general blanket statement about the issue, but feel free to be creative! You can find sample prompts from the Issue Essay topic pool to practice

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