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GRE issue- #Society does not place enough emphasis on the intellect...

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Oct 31, 2012   #1
Society does not place enough emphasis on the intellect--- that is, on reasoning and other cognitive skills.

The author contends that society doesn't pay enough attention to intellect such as reasoning. I concede that intellect is important and every society should consider it in order to be successful, but I don't agree with the author that society doesn't emphasize on the intellect sufficiently. My reasons are demonstrated below.

For the first reason, all children in school should study lessons such as math, chemistry, physics, etc. All these lessons require intellect. Children should develop their reasoning in order to understand complicated formula and hard concepts in these lessons. On the other hand schools in my county do not pay that much attention to the non-intellectual abilities. For instance there is no course such as painting in their curriculum. Painting deals with the human emotion and there is no reasoning in it. Because lots of artists just represent their internal feeling by their paintings. So as we can see, society have noticed intellect more that the non-intellectual abilities and required all of students to be expert in it.

Second of all, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, intellect is so crucial for every society and without it a society could not be well-being. For instance a society needs politicians who have strong ability in reasoning, analyzing situations and predicting probable problems. They should analyze every enemy's movements and predict their future plans and prevent every potential loss for their society based on thinking and reasoning.

However, intellect is not an adequate factor for having a well-being society. Other non-intellectual factors should not be ignored. Emotion is not based on intellect but is important too. For instance if people have patriotism, they will defend their county against invaders and not allow their country to collapse. Therefore a society should develop emotional qualities such as patriotism in their students alongside intellectual lessons.

All in all, I don't agree with author assertion that society doesn't emphasis on intellect. In contrast they consider it sufficiently and even sometimes more than it is needed. A society should pay attention to both intellect and non-intellect aspects because a fortune nation need both of them.

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