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gre issue7 video camera provides an accurate and convincing record.

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Mar 5, 2010   #1
TOPIC: ISSUE7 - "The video camera provides such an accurate and convincing record of contemporary life that it has become a more important form of documentation than written records."

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The speaker asserts that the video is a more important document tool than written words, because it provides an accurate and convicing record of contemporary life. I agree that the video recording is objective and accurate,however, the written record is also indispensible in our modern society and we use it much more frequent than video recording under some circumstance.

For the purpose of recording live shows and happy moments, i agree that a video camera is usually more accurate and more objective than written words. The video camera can replay the happy moments , such as wedding receptions and suprise birthday party,with perfect memories. And we can enjoy and feel that complete happiness at any time. And video is also of pratical use in documenting the live shows such as a woderful concert and a significant national event. We can grasp that strong feelings by replaying the video camera,which is impossible by written words.

Moreover, the video camera can be perfect witnesses under some circumstances. For instance, we can see a few video surveillance cameras in bookstores or supermarket . They can play a vital evidentiary role in legal proceedings. And we can use it as a perfect evidence when we deal with some cases which involves robbery, drug trafficking and even motor vehicle violations. Thus, the video camera can provide an accurate description of what happened. Additionally, the video can record the huge power and awesome nature of a hurricane , tornado and volcanic eruption ,which we can not do by written records. Therefore, the video is of much importance in recording documentations.

Although the video camera has so many merits ,we can not ignore the functions of the written records. In our daily life, written records are used more frequent than video records and this is the case at least in China. The video camera is quite expensive and not all the families can afford it. But the written tools such as pens and notebooks are much cheaper compared with the video camera. Additionally, it is quite convenient for us to take pens and notebooks wherever we go. When we go on a trip, we can record our moods and experience by writing what we see and hear. In this way we can feel the slight change we made everyday. And the writing records can also document a series of changes which can help us become better and healthier.For instance, the nurse in the hospital always takes a notebook to keep a record of the condition of the sick person from time to time. And doctors can better know the recovering progress by reading the writing records. How can we possibly meet these needs by video camera? Thus writing records are of practical use in this aspect.

Moreover,for certain other purposes written records are much more advantages to video records. For example ,when it comes to recording our subjective state of mind ,impressions and reflections of an event or experience, it is more approprite to use the written records. Because these emotions are too abstract to be expressed by video camera.What we view through a camera lens is only one dimension of our life. And to some extent that personal description adds more meanings and richness to the records.

Addtionally,it is not surprising to find that almost all the valuable ideas and significant events are conveyed by written records, such as philosophy ideas and historical documentation. Thus, the written records are of vital use in documenting abstract information.

To sum up, the speaker fails to recognize that the written records are of equal importance with video recorings. And video recording are coherently more objective ,accurate and complete when it comes to capturing and recalling happy moments. However, the written records can help us to see more dimensions of our life and times and acquire the valuable ideas.They are both indispensible to make our life much more colorful.

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