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The Italian Duomo - Summary Essay

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Nov 18, 2007   #1
The Italian Duomo

Flippo Brunelleschi was born in Florence, Italy 1377. He studied other buildings from antiquity and Roman Pantheon. Italian Renaissance painter Brunelleschi was originally trained as goldsmith and sculpture, but later changed his interest to architecture.

He built his famous masterpiece Santa Maria del Fiore, known as, the Duomo in Florence. The Duomo was the biggest magnificent cathedral; it began in the XII century and ended in the early XIV century. During his work, he had chance to work with few famous people: Leonardo, Giorgio Vasari, Federico Zucclhari, and even Michelangelo told his thought for Brunelleschi. They painted all the frescos with specific features. For example, they depicted The Last Judgment on the wall.

"How to construct the saint Mary of the Flower?" (Cunningham and Reich 287). Then he needed to answer this question. At that time, there was no easy way to build that oversize dome without any support. However, using some marvels techniques plus his knowledge, he figured out how to build the Duomo. Brunelleschi's solution was using a double shell classical vaulting, fly buttressing, and ring. These helped to uphold the force which is self supporting.

Today, the dome is not much changed. It is because dome was built so firm. The Italian Duomo is one of the historical places that tourists want to see. There are several interesting facts about the Duomo. "One of the most important reasons to see the Duomo is the dome itself; it's cupola. Another, fact that the dome can be seen from all over the city as well as from the surroundings, like Piazzale Michelangelo, the small town of Fiesole, and so on" ( " Travel Beats" ). Last the dome took long time to complete. I wish I saw the wonderful dome in one day.

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