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Job expectations: changing job frequently or not?

Helga 1 / 1  
Jan 22, 2011   #1
People have different job expectations for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.

Write about the advantages and disadvantages of each viewpoint?

A popular belief is that "we work for a life". Some people prefer to change their job, while others would not like to do that. In my essay I will explore benefits and drawbacks of the above attitude.

To begin with, the main benefit of staying in last job is sense of stability. The Exxon Mobil workers, for instance, who have been working for 30 years, have a stable high income, social company's support and they are sure in the future. In contrast, the group of people, changing their preference in jobs frequently, has to find their new apartment, change their place of life.

Secondly, mature company's workers have a huge experience and background in their branch, while persons, which change their job, do not have one.

However, there are some advantages of changing jobs. One of them is people can establish new contacts, that can help them in their career growth. Another one is new job can not be boring for you, while old one can. And people, who worked in different ways, have a broad range of useful skills.

To sum up, there are benefits and drawbacks of changing a job, which depend on specific situation. On the one hand, if worker has a stable interesting job with a high salary, good social support and good relationship between other people in his/her team, there are no reasons to find a new one. On the other hand, a new job can help to establish a new contact, not to be bore.

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ARIA 16 / 43 1  
Jan 22, 2011   #2
Hi Olga

First of all, your start is great with the "popular belief" but later you do not need to say, "In my essay I will explore benefits..."

You should start your essay like an article with introduction as you started then mention your opinion. In introduction we do not have such a thing. Your start likes as a speech or oral presentation.

Give an informative sentence, which state the problem or situation, followed by your main idea and 2-3 reasons.
Your reasons are good enough in the next paragraphs and need to write a little more about them.
Avoid strong expression try a little milder. For example:
"one of the benefit to staying on a job for long term is the stability. Instead of
"the main benefit of staying...."
you also should avoid informal and conversation like sentence. For example, instead of the story about the Exxon Company, you can start with
"when a group of workers work for a long time in a company, they found that company as their family that would be always their support, therefore they are not concerned about the relocation and finding a new job, which can interfere with their usual life".

At this way you better explain your reason with more words.

" Working for long period of time in one job can help the worker to collect an enormous technical and social experience in their field of activity. Those experience can help them to improve their carrier and open lots of new opportunities...".

In other side of the coin there are also some advantage to changing the jobs. The new jobs can provide new contacts as you change your place. The new contacts or new places also can give the person a better for planning for their future. It might be a new scholar or academic opportunity provided by new employer".

Instead of benefits and drawbacks, which you have already used in introduction you can put other words such as "pros and cons"

Your conclusion is too informal and short.

Keep on try
OP Helga 1 / 1  
Jan 23, 2011   #3
Aria, thank you for your useful comments!!!

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