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Some jobs are appropriate for men (military), and some jobs are for women (nursing)

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May 28, 2011   #1
3. Men and women are different, therefore some jobs are appropriate for men to do (military), and some jobs are suitable for women (nurse). To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Over the centuries men and women have been favored different kinds of works due to the nature of their gender differences genetically. I tend to agree that gender do has a huge impact here in terms of making a career choice.

As a matter of fact, men are generally stronger than women physically. That is why there are so many male soldiers in the military force rather than female ones worldwide. It is certainly true because women are unable to carry those heavy guns while move around in wild life as men do so the example approved that gender do matters toward different professions.

It is the maternal instinct of women about caring weak people as a nurse. In comparison to men, very few of them are unwilling to accept those job offers because most of them could not meet the basic requirement of nursing career of patient and soft heart. Therefore, nursing always rank the most popular jobs among girls regardless of the hardship of the work.

Those who seek gender quality might argue that male could be caring nurses while female could be successful solders as well. However, as the society getting more and more enlightened, the notion of gender discrimination is no longer the issue and it is people's options to pick whatever career they like the most. Consequently, many are still voluntarily followed by their ancestor's footsteps, which indicated that men and women vary in different ways, especially in making a career choice.

No matter which gender they are and what jobs that they are taken and, one shall treat them equally and respect their choice of professions because they all have tremendous contribution to our society as noble citizens.

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