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Jobs that you enjoy or jobs that you can earn a lot of money

whitney 21 / 38  
Dec 30, 2010   #1
Some people choose to work at jobs that they enjoy while others choose to work at jobs that they can earn a lot of money. This difference depends on people's deferent ambitions. Some chase real interest while some chase money. As to me, even though money is very necessary, interest is one of the most important factors in happiness. Therefore, having the career I really enjoy is much more important than earning a lot of money.

To start with, doing things that really makes me interested will offer me the greatest passion so I will devote more time and energy to it to make more contributions. Only in the way, can I have the greatest personal satisfaction. My ambition is to become a teacher to teach Chinese as a foreign language. There are volunteers sent to foreign countries from China to teach Chinese every year. They can only earn several hundred dollars per month to support their basis lives. However, I would like to work at the job because I love linguistic and I want to be a teacher.

Furthermore, if people work hard, even though they cannot earn a lot of money they can still live a comfortable life. As for me, being a Chinese teacher means I will be poor in the very beginning but when I have accumulated enough work experience I can make enough money to live a comfortable life. As a Chinese teacher I need time to gain experience about how to teach with clarity and let students learn with interest. Also, teaching language cannot avoid talk about culture so I need time to know the difference between Chinese culture and the culture foreign students come from. After my experience is enough to be a skilled teacher I can earn more money, even not very much but enough for me, because there are more and more people want to learn Chinese and my career has a good prospect.

In conclusion, choosing a career I like means I cannot earn a lot money and I will be poor for a long period of time but if I work hard, I can earn still live a comfortable life. Doing thighs I love and live a comfortable life is much better than having a lot of money but not loveing the career.

pashnetala 1 / 6  
Jan 25, 2011   #2
Yang you wrote it very well.

but here are some points :

for answering the last writing question you should write at least 300 words.

we have one introduction, three body paragraphs and one conclusion.
provide 3 reasons (the 3 B.P.)

my suggestion :

do use adverbs and transitions as much as you can.

develop your B.P.s with examples, reasons ...

dont pay attention to the introduction, just clarify your answer then mention the 3 reasons starting with this sentence : I believe that the three most common reasons are...., ..., and .... .

for the body paragraphs start with the following phrases then do mention one of your reasons directly for each b.p. and develop it :

for the first b.p :
the first point I would like to make is that...
to start with...

for the second B.P. :
the second point I would like to make is that...
secondly, ...

for the last B.P. :
the last but not least, ...

for the conclusion start with:
In conclusion,
to make a long story short, ...

then provide and simplify your 3 reasons in other words (do not add any new thing) and for the end try to make an un answering question in related to your answer (I mean a question that everyone knows the answer like : who doesnt like great weather?! )


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