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essay on Juliets speech in Romeo and Juliet Modernized

sylock232 4 / 5  
Aug 16, 2008   #1
This is a essay on Juliets speech in Romeo and Juliet Modernized.

The speech if Juliet in the play "Romeo and Juliet" written by William Shakespeare is a classical play which has many figures of speech but the main is a figure of speech named imagery. In Juliet's speech in line 15-60 in scene three, she describes many different things by imagery.

Firstly, Juliet talks about fear very descriptively using a figure of speech called imagery. "..that almost freezes me to death..." is describing how much she fears about the dreaded events that are going to occur. Another example of describing fear is "A feeling of faint, cold fear pierces my veins..." is a sentence of how she is feeling the fear.

Secondly, she also talks about death, if she was tricked about the potion. "What if it's a poison that the Friar has cleverly given me to kill me..." is talking about the fear she is facing and also about concerns and curiosity of the sleeping potion if it is a poison to kill her. Another example is the sentences "...die strangled in my death..." is about the ways of dying. She also takes out a knife just in case the plan doesn't work and where she would kill herself because she would have to marry Paris instead of Romeo.

Lastly, Juliet describes the most in behaviors of hellish or evil acts or thoughts which comes to mind when she is thinking about the upcoming plan. "...at certain hours in the night, ghosts walk..." is talking about the death of Tybalt and about what happens when death comes. "...with the loathsome smells and shrieks like mandrakes torn out of the ground, which make living beings go mad when they hear them..." is a short paragraph like sentence which is describing horrors of evil thoughts that she will be facing if she fails this plan. It is also describing relatively similar to the images of hell.

In conclusion, Juliet's speech in line 15-60 of scene three of Romeo and Juliet describes many different subjects by type of figure of speech named imagery.

Pleas Give Me Some Improvements

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Aug 16, 2008   #2
Make sure that everything in quotation marks is properly cited according to the specifics of your required citation style. Work on being more direct in your writing and staying away from a passive tone. You have good examples of the images used in the speech, and your essay is very well organized. Nice work.

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