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Keep working or study abroad - must make a decision essay

mcuong01 12 / 24 3  
Nov 26, 2012   #1
I am really in two minds of whether I should continue to work for my current company or go abroad for studying. Hopefully, some of you in this forum can give me a hand in solving this matter.

More specifically, I am working for a company in the petroleum industry and I am really pleased with my current job. I meet most of my company's requirements except my English literacy. Therefore, I believe that I will get promotion in next three or four years if I keep working hard.

Nevertheless, when I was young, I had a dream to learn more about the world in a developed country. I am always thinking of taking two or three years off studying in an oversea university. Actually, my English and management knowledge are surely enhanced and those are two of the prerequisites of being able to have a high position.

Now I am 28 and I have no much time left to think of it. I must make a decision in this year if I am to make my dream come true.
princedynasty 15 / 57 4  
Nov 26, 2012   #2
Are you allowed to hold the same position after studying abroad or will you have to give it up afterwards? If you can keep the same position after all, I think spending 2-3 years for studying is more beneficial , especially if the company u are working for appreciates talented and efficient employees.
thebigdudex 3 / 6  
Nov 26, 2012   #3

I used to live in the US for 2 years (my home country is Austria) and it was an experience that has shaped my life.
It was difficult to go this step, but for me it was definiteley worth it.
You get many insights....
OP mcuong01 12 / 24 3  
Nov 26, 2012   #4
Our company's policy is to encourage its staff to study in the local universities. I major in finance and plan to follow a MBA course specializing in commercial, which is available in many colleges in my country. Therefore, it might be hard to get day release from my employer as well as to return my current position after finishing the course.
havu - / 5 1  
Nov 26, 2012   #5
If I were you, I would stay with my job and take courses with a local university. So much of free materials are available online now that it does not matter much where you are. If you wish to earn an MBA, you will do it. But in this economy, leaving your job guarantees nothing even with a US MBA. You can talk to people who have been in the US on Fulbright or other prestigious scholarships. They can share valuable information that will save you time. Good luck!
Pahan 1 / 1,906 553  
Nov 30, 2012   #6
I have been wondering the same thing for a long time. I haven't started working yet. But I am wondering whether I should study abroad n then come back for work. It gets confusing when your family also gets involved. :/

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