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[TOEFL]Keeping their rooms tidy and organized, students have a chance to get closer to success

Clara_cyy 1 / -  
Jun 5, 2018   #1

Students who keep their rooms neat and organized will be likely successful?

As a student, in our daily life, parents and teachers always ask us to clean up our rooms or desks and make them neat and organized. When I was a kid, I can't realize the importance of the nattiness of the work and living environment. But now, from my perspective, students should render their rooms neat and organized which is a good approach to success. In regards to such an instructive issue, I am going to elaborate my point of view with following reasons and examples.

To begin with, students who study in a tidy and organized environment will be in a pleasant mood and more efficient to complete the scheduled tasks. Different kind of books have their according positions, including drafts as well. The desks and floor and the whole room are as clean as new. In such good environment, we can absolutely immerse in our work without being anxious about finding the important notes from the messy paper-pile. Library, an elegant learning place, serves as a good example. Top students are keen on studying in the library and spend more time in the library mostly owe to the quiet and tidy environment where they could study with the highest efficiency and read the needed reference books as soon as possible. Consequently, those students are more likely to do well in the final successfully. As a result, a good environment is more attractive to excellent students and it does improve the work efficiency.

Moreover, the self-disciplined students have a good life and study habit as making their stuff in order. And as we all know that the self-discipline is the indispensable characteristics of the successful elite. Keep the room tidy and organized and make minds clear are the first step to be self-disciplined. It can't be possible that a man in a messy room where litter disperses here an will success one day. Jack is living proof of that. Although he was admitted in an excellent university with high grades, he never put emphasis on his individual hygiene and his dormitory was literally in a mess which made others dislike and isolate him. Coupled with criticism from the counsellor for many times, he became passionless with study and communications. That is a really sad but warning story.

Admittedly, it takes time making rooms clean and tidy and perhaps a little bit messy of rooms wouldn't affect our study and life. Nevertheless, is laziness the excuse for not cleaning the rooms up?--of course not. Making our things in order is still the crucial part of our daily life. What's more, such a bad habit like that is definitely an obstacle on the way to success.

In a nutshell, render our rooms tidy and organized could not only increase the work efficiency, but also get into a good habit of self-discipline. With such two excellent characteristics, students are bound to get closer to success.
Chuni lal 2 / 6  
Jun 5, 2018   #2
some words are not used appropriately like...
Different kind of books have their positions accordingly and the

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