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'kill two birds with one stone' - Public transportation vs roads

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Oct 10, 2014   #1
Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

It is a controversial topic since it really depends upon the country. However, I consider improving public transportation is more pivotal because many people have trouble of buying for himself a car. Also, it is the perfect opportunity for the government balancing their citizen's health. Hence, improving public transportation is a stance that I firmly support.

These days more and more people begin to economize as much as possible. They begin to rely more on public transportation more than their own private vehicle for the reason that it is obviously cheaper. Moreover, not many people can afford themselves a care. Since, there are numerous people who are still underprivileged. By way of an illustration, imagine yourself being a typical student. Usually , students tend to go by public transportation in order to reach their destination because they do not have money. It can also apply on many people such as workers, farmers and so on. Moreover, if there are less private cars on the road then it can annihilate many problems such as congestion and traffic jams.

Furthermore, obesity became a huge problem for us. It is perfectly understandable since utilizing private vehicle can economize your time. However, everything has its own side effects and one of them is aforementioned. Therefore, if the government will enhance the public transportation especially the rapidity and availability, then people will commence to rely on it more. In terms of health, people will have to go to the bus stop. Hence, it is going to be their additional exercise to obtain better health. For instance, if the public transportation is improved then numerous people will quit using their private vehicle, since it is cheap and fast.

By way of a conclusion based on the arguments explored above. I have a strong belief that improving public transportation is imperative because it will lead people to a more healthy life. Moreover, it will help numerous people who cannot purchase for oneself a car. In other words, we will kill two birds with one stone.

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Oct 10, 2014   #2
Vns, your argument is highly flawed. Consider if you will the fact that more cars on the road will mean more pollution in the air thus causing more health problems for the majority. This is one of those trick essays that requires you to choose both answers as correct instead of just one. Why is that? Let me explain further for your understanding. Both the roads and public transportation need to be improved for the benefit of the public and the environment.

I will agree with you that there is a need to improve public transportation. However. if the government does not allot enough money to improve the road conditions and if the government does not create new roads and bridges, the congestion or traffic situation in any country will get worse.Even if you add more buses and trains, without new roads, the new public transportation units will just make the roads tighter and the travel time to be longer because of that. This will create a terrible inconvenience for the people of any country and harm the economy of a nation because of the lost income caused by the traffic problem in the business sector. The worsening condition of existing roads will also need to be addressed if the government wishes to speed up the commute time of workers and the transport time of their goods.

While most people cannot afford to buy cars at the moment, they are already struggling with a daily commute in traffic that exposes them to environmental hazards such as carbon monoxide which weaken the lungs and excessive sun exposure that harms the skin and could cause cataracts. Adding cars, buses, and trains will only make an already bad situation worse until it reaches a point such as the one they have in China where on some days, the air pollution is so bad that people risk getting sick if they leave the house and breathe in the air in the street. China, which is a highly industrialized country, rarely has trees on their roads, which are important in the oxygenation process of our planet. By building new roads and planting trees, the health of the public will be taken care of by eliminating carbon monoxide in the are to a certain extent and providing fresh air to the commuters.

Such health considerations and infrastructure necessities dictate that the government kill two birds with one stone with every move that they make. An equal amount of money should be spend to improve the road conditions, create new roads, and upgrade the public transport system in order for the economy of a country to continue to flourish and to take care of the public health. Therefore, it is only fair that the government take care of both aspects of the public transport system.

Using the information I have provided you above, do you now understand why your argument is flawed? You can use my reasons above to revise your essay if you wish to do so :-)
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Oct 10, 2014   #3
Nice essay... it has a good flow to read but I think some words are repeted more .I suggest to find some synonyms
thank you

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