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We never know the value of water until the well is dry

Bahrom_4474 4 / 10  
Apr 25, 2012   #1
please Can Somebody help me with my grammar(and meaning)? my first writing in essay forum
Water is one of the most global problems in the world nowadays. Each country spend much money for cleaning and providing water to the people. However In many cases, we can see water which is used disorderly by people because they don't take advantage of water correctly and we know that it can lead the water ending. Contrary to the water taking over third parts of four in the world,more than ninety percent is unable to drink or to use and the rest of water is limited. So we shouldn't waste water in vainly, oppositely we should take profit of water rational

basawang 10 / 76  
Apr 26, 2012   #2

One of my correction is wrong. I am sorry for that.

Although water covers most of the earth's surface, more than9097percent of earth's waterareisbrackish and undrinkable.

Besides, I think the percentage of sea water could be specified. "More than 90 percent" is not wrong, but inaccurate.

Best regards,
OP Bahrom_4474 4 / 10  
Apr 26, 2012   #3
Thanks a lot! I appreciate your efforts

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