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Do we need knowledge of the past to fully understand the present?

hansungah 1 / -  
Jan 18, 2016   #1
Please grade my essay on 6 scale

To understand something or someone is a complicated progress. We just can't only look at the present to evaluate something because it's like looking at someone's appearance and judge their insides. To fully understand the present, we need knowledge of the past.

Knownledge of the past helps us define the reason the present exists this way. For example, we all know Thomas Edison - the inventor of the bulb as a successful man. But we wouldn't acknowledge his efforts if we didn't know how much he devoted his life to the invention. Since we learned about his past, we had more clues to understand his dignities.

We all need knowledge of the past to fully understand the present as the past creates a trait for the present and explains the mysterious word 'why'.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Jan 18, 2016   #2
Anh, you have delivered a very insightful response to the prompt that you were provided with. The considerations you used and the examples that were cited indicate a clear understanding of the prompt requirements and allowed you to showcase your English comprehension abilities. Your discussion was fluid although it could have used more paragraph development in order to better showcase your language skills.

Based on the aforementioned considerations, I would give this essay a 6. This score is based upon the off the cuff rating of your current essay. I do not know what the grading rubic for the essay that your teacher will be using so the score should be considered variable. Overall, the work done was polished and very professional / academic in presentation. I do not doubt that your teacher would also give this essay an almost perfect score if it were not be based on the rating requirements for her class.

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