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Can we get more knowledge about the whole world only by television broadcasts or movies?

Masfufah 10 / 12  
Apr 3, 2016   #1
Some people say that you can learn more about another country by watching television programs and film about it than by actually visiting it. How true this statement? Is there anything you can learn about another country by visiting it that you cannot learn by watching programmes about it?

In modern era, some people believe that they can get more knowledge about worldwide by television broadcast or movie. While several people argue that they can get many experience through visiting the area, such as unique traditional in another country can only be experienced by travelling.

With regards to the broadcast and movie, many people get more information by watching television shows. They assume this is the only way to save time while they acquaire knowledge about different country. They do not have to spend a lot of time and many to gain the experience. As well, the television shows has tourism program which show a reporter touring a country, while guiding the audience to learn about history in the area, special food, culture and so on. As a result, lots of people really understand how the real people culture in different country even some of them can imitate the culture like a costum or style.

However, I believe that people cannot get all their information from simply watching programme and movie about a country. They should be visit the country because documentary have certain limitations. People have to get journey for learning foreign habits in different countries. People must live in around foreigner and make relation to them while people also pay attention habits of foreigners. For example, La Tomatina is the biggest tomato fight in the world, held in the Valencian town of Bunol, Spain. Several people was displayed on television, they cannot feel the situation there. But, when they can visit the place, they can allow and enjoy that festival with pleasure. It is evident that going to other countries would give people more valuable experiences and knowledge.

To conclude, even though people can get more knowledge about different country and do not need a great deal of money to be able to tour other country just by watching enermous documenters film, taking vacation to the new states would give people lesson of culture and history directly. They would have chances to communicate and learn about the country so well.

fardan10 18 / 25 1  
Apr 4, 2016   #2
Please check your phrase below:

by watching enermous documenters(documenter is subject, it is suitable with documentary ) film,
My Alternative( by watching various number of documentary film.)

taking vacation ( vacation or holiday ususally collacate with GO) to the new states would give ...

My suggestion phrase:
Going holiday to the new regions could possible render experience to explore more about culture and history from indigenous people.

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