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should Korean teachers of English be required to pass on speaking test?

je2ks2 19 / 10  
Jul 13, 2008   #1
Hello, :-D could you give me feedback on my essay? Thank you so much for your help, always!!!

topic: Korean teachers of English should be required to pass on English speaking test every five years for the improvement of the quality of English language teaching in Korea. Do you agree or disagree?

Last winter, Ministry of Education announced that every English class in secondary school would be taught exclusively in English from 2010. Also, they added that teaching speaking would be the core of English education as an effort for keeping up the pace of globalization. Accordingly, I support the idea that 'Korean teachers of English should be required to pass the speaking test every five years' for the following reasons.

The feasibility of the plan suggested by government-teaching English through English (=TETE)-heavily relies on English teachers' speaking proficiency. Since 'English' is used as a means of conveying the content of lesson, the excellence in teachers' oral skill is a must. To demonstrate if teachers are really equipped with good speaking ability enough to manage TETE, a periodic measurement for testing their proficiency is needed at all costs.

In addition, the oral test can be worked as a motivator to English teachers. That is, it would push teachers to keep practicing English speaking. For Korea is under EFL (=English as a foreign language) circumstance where English is not used outside classroom, non-native English teachers could lose English speaking ability to some extent merely because of lack of chances at practicing speaking. Therefore, this five year interval test can be a good stimulator to teachers.

Korean teachers of English should be prepared for the new trend of English education. Emphasis on teaching reading or listening has gradually dwindled as speaking and writing is becoming the center of learning English. Along with this atmosphere, testing English teachers' speaking ability is inevitable. To ensure the success of TETE plan which will be applied to every English class in 5 years, supplying teachers whose ability is officially demonstrated through this test is of the importance. Also, teachers are more likely to continue practicing English if this plan is implemented in order not to lose English ability.

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Jul 13, 2008   #2
Good job! You've got some mechanical errors, and I have made a few word choice changes. Otherwise, you've got a good, clear position in this essay, and you use good reasoning and justification to support it.

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