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To learn about other countries.. By watching television or by visiting directly??? "IELTS WR TASK 2"

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Apr 3, 2016   #1
Some people say that you can learn more about another country by watching television programmes and films about it than by actually visiting it.
How true is this statement? Is there anything you can learn about another country by visiting it that you cannot learn by watching programmes and films about it?

Several humans contend that people can understand completely about different nations from their television, whilst others think that it would be better if they come to it. In my point of view, I would choose directly to visit the place. Both of them have 2 different opinions. It depends on people's purposes.

According to the statement in the previous paragraph, some people are keen on to select to relish and watch other countries from their TV. This is because it can be simple way to copy different habit with their own. For example, most societies now are more often to practice Korean dance because its style so famous in the world. As a result, a lot of citizens who suddenly claimed to be Korean fans. It is evident that it could be done by watching television.

On the other hand, others have statement that it would be preferable if they come directly to the location. It is caused because many persons consider to go to other country. They are sick on arriving to the spot to train with the local. For instance, any citizens go to Republic of Korea, then they make a conversation with the native to ask about everything that they can get in there. Finally, they know all of their mate's country by good discussion. This is no doubt that this can improve their knowledge about other nations with simple method.

To conclude, even though some argue that it is better way to know about another countries by watching their television, other think that it can be sense more if they visit it directly. I agree that both ways may be used to copy everything in different places but I extremely choose by coming it.

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