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Nov 8, 2019   #1

writing about english study

English is not only an important language but also one of the subjects from primary school to university. Therefore, we can believe that learning English is obligatory; it is a condition for students to complete the education universalization program. The importance of study English cannot be denied. It is an element help you have a good job in the future, help you can promote easily, communicate better...Recognizing the importance of English, many young people are proactive in every way to study this subject well. However, there are still a large number of young people who are afraid to learn English. There are many students think that English is a boring and meaningless subject, in addition to completing the English homework to get a mark; not all students care about English. Students just care about the mark of English but they do not care many students go to school just because the school requires, study for a degree but are not aware of the importance of English, so they only learn through the speaker, after a short time, the lack of motivation. For example, when you have a new word that you do not know the meaning, how many percent will you look for the meaning? Alternatively, when you watched a foreign game show and this game show do not have a subtitle, so what should you do? You will try to learn English so that you can watch this easily or you will give up. Laziness is a subjective reason and it is the most decisive factor, deciding your English learning results. Young people usually spend their free time on the internet, chatting with a friend or play video games but they do not think that if they spend on their free time learning English, the result they receive will be unexpected. Although young people recognize the importance of English, they do not know how to learn English effectively. In the interview of "Thanh Nien" newspaper, P.T.H.T (office worker in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) is humorous: "Because I am not good, maybe from that time I did not like to study. If you do not like it, it does not work much. It is as if you do not like to eat sour but you start to eat sour, you only have to eat it to perfunctory. How to learn English effectively not only the problem of P.T.H.T but also is a problem of almost young people. Connecting with native speakers is the most effective way that can help you learn English fast and exactly. When you connected with a native speaker, you would be exposed to more idioms, slang, and a generally more extensive vocabulary than with a non-native speaker. Besides, you can apply grammar that you used to learn, which would help you memorize for the long-term. Acquirement knowledge and apply knowledge in practice are two different categories. We should try to mimic how to native-speaker pronounce, their intonation, act. Several young students will be shy when they speak English or talk to foreign people; one of them even feels afraid. We can study knowledge well but when we speak English, we speak with a halt or cannot show all of the ideas on your mind. When we talk to foreign people we know how to use words to compatible with the situation. That helps you not to fall an awkward situation and people would have a sympathetic view for you, you smart and respect their language. There are many ways to connect with a foreign person, nowadays, they choose Viet Nam where they can study or work, it is also an opportunity for young people to have a chance to connect and study from foreign people. On the other hand, the internet also is useful, we become friends with many people around the world, by text a message or video call, etc. Making friends with a foreign person seem really without difficulty. Besides, we can learn about their culture and difference in the way use English between other countries. The most noticeable difference between American and British English is vocabulary. There are hundreds of everyday words that are different. For example, Britain call the front of a car the bonnet, while Americans call it the hood or Americans go on vacation, while Britain go on holidays or hols. When we could distinguish what word to use for talking and what word use for writing, certainly we would be more and more fluent. The day before, people almost could study English just by book or dictionary. However, nowadays, the strong and modern development of information technology helps people a lot in studying English. Learning English on the website becomes common with almost young people. We could easily find out many English websites on the internet, they are numerous and diversified. Insides an English website have many courses for we choose one course which has level compatible with our ability. One course usually has three parts: check ability, suggest a suitable course, and evaluate the study process.
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Nov 13, 2019   #2
Hi there! Welcome to the forum. Hopefully, my feedback will give you insight on how to improve your writing.

From the get-go, the composition appears to be messy because of the lack of compartmentalization in between paragraphs. You had one wall of text rather than integrating a more subtle and transitioned approach to writing everything out. Try to secure a more standard writing approach. Remember that 3 to 5 sentence is sufficient (and is recommended) for the length of a paragraph.

Furthermore, your usage of punctuation needs to be solidified as well. I have noticed that, especially when you were quoting, you had a tendency to misuse certain quotations, making it even harder to comprehend the written work itself. If you ought to have a more standardized writing approach, this will enhance your writing a lot to make it appear more academic (which is better for the evaluators themselves).

When you're using examples, try to also stick with concrete samples that are not easier to digest and fathom. Don't put out quite alienating content, especially if you're working with an evidence-based written work.