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Nowadays, e-learning becomes one of popular studying methods at university

fariz10 13 / 18 2  
Feb 1, 2016   #1
These days internet based courses have become a popular alternative to university based courses. Some students prefer this type of learning because they do not need to attend lectures. Others argue that it is important to study at university. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Nowadays, e-learning becomes one of popular studying methods at university. A bunch of people prefer to this method rather than have to be present at university class. It is because they can study anywhere that they want. On the other hand, some of people believe that attend the lecturer is very important. This essay will discuss both of views one by one properly.

To begin, internet based learning at university is beneficial in time and money saving. It can be seen that in several university that offer this kind of learning usually allows the student to study at home. Because of that, the learner can minimalize their budget for transportation and save their time to go to college. In addition, this method has effect to environmentally friendly that the students do not have to print out their paper and learning material. In fact, the world number of rain forest has been decreasing dramatically because of human needs, especially for making sheet of papers.

On the other hand, learning at class also has its own merit. For instance, the students will have direct contact to the lecture that it will allow them to have intense communication with their teacher. Furthermore, not all of the students are capable to study by their own. Teaching on the class is one of strategy to handle students who are having difficulty in self-learning. That is way most of universities only provide the classes based courses.

In conclusion, both of the methods have their own advantages that serve the learner to face their future goals by studying at university. In my opinion, it would be fair for students, if they know their capability in receiving the knowledge. Therefore, it will be possible for them to choose the university based learning method by their own properly.
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Feb 1, 2016   #2
Fariz, please complete your opening statement by indicating your personal opinion regarding the topic statement. It is a requirement of the instructions and it is the only part missing in your introduction at this point. Yes, the lack of your opinion weakened the opening statement and, would have resulted in points deductions in an actual test. Always complete the information of the introductory statement if you want to increase your chances for the highest possible score.

Remove your opinion from the concluding statement. Your opinion should be as fully developed as the other body paragraphs of the essay. It should not be a mere reference point in the overall paper. By adding your opinion to the conclusion, you presented a weak and unacceptable opinion. In fact, you presented an opinion that the examiner will not consider because it broke the paragraph development and formatting rules of the essay. Don't expect to get a good score on this essay, even as a practice test. You just omitted too many important factors for it to garner an acceptable score.

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