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learning from experience or learning from books - compare essay

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Jan 19, 2010   #1
Hi! this is a TOEFL essay i wonder if you both correct and evaluate my essay please!
thanks in advance

In my opinion, learning from experience is the best way instead of learning from books for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it is a difficult part to perform, what you learned, in reality. Even it can be a trouble sometimes. For example I really wanted to get high score from TOEFL and I bought so many books which are in different level. I did not come across any difficulties by studying from book in reading and listening parts but when I started speaking and writing sections it became more complicated and I thought that I was not to be able to have the exam. After that I found a course, where I could have a chance to speak with native speakers, therefore, I overcame my speaking problem and for writing section I tried to write everyday and I achieved it.

Secondly, learning from experience gains people other experiences. You have chance to exparience new things as well. To cite an example, if you want to speak English and for this reason you want to go to England, you can also learn new things like meeting new people and recognizing new cultures. The way people think like that leads to many advantages in people life too.

Last but not at least, if you learn by experiencing, your knowledge can be more remaining. For example, my cousin and I started university at the same time and we graduated totally the same time as well. However, we have a difference between me and my cousin. When we were university she worked in summers while I was on holiday and now she remembers lots of details about our subject while I cannot.

To sum up, learning from experience is much better than learning from book. Because it is gained people new experience, taught people how to apply their knowledge to real life and makes people's knowledge always fresh.

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Jan 19, 2010   #2
Hi you tend to forget a toefl format

In the introduction part, you do not write an thesis, what are your opinions?

The kind of your essay is not a toefl-based format, you better refer back to an essay book and revise it. Then you understand how to write an toefl essay.

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