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Learning foreign language in your own country or in the country which it is spoke

bahareh 18 / 50  
Sep 15, 2011   #1
When my family and I came to Canada, we realized that our English was enough to start in new country. We had started learning English as beginners in back home and then continued to obtain advanced learners in Canada. We coped with many varies obstacles through our new life because we could communicate with others which was so important to get by. Learning foreign language in own country contributes to lower financial issues, easier way to learn, and more family support.

First but the most, students who studying foreign language in their own country can save more money compare of those students in foreign country. They don't have to pay for their accommodation or food or air fly to visit their family in their home. On the other hand, learners in foreign country have to pay for everything in new place like their rental room, food, collage burdens or bus tickets.

Secondly, learning in own country seems easier than learning in foreign country. Students understand new lessons by translating in their own vocabulary with their native teacher who has experienced with the same challenges through this learning process. For instance, I remembered those studying time in back home when our teacher tried to find a proper way to get us to understand new grammar or vocabulary. She showed us similar structure in our own language to find the meanings,so we could learn it .

Thirdly, most international students in abroad who have many miserable loneness memories, feel lack of family support during living in foreign country. There are many holidays' times that they can't afford to buy a ticket to get home and visit their families and friends. However, native students could be with their relatives and enjoy their time together. Learners who are foreign in a new country have to cope with all challenges and difficulties by their own and there wouldn't be any support for them.

Finally, there are many beneficial for students who study in their own country as their first step and then it would be great idea if they continue their learning process to be like advanced learners in the country which the language is spoken. They don't need to cope with many difficulties such as financial problems or solitude.


executive101 - / 1  
Sep 15, 2011   #2
Dear MR. Eric,

many thanks for ypur quick reply.

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hector fuentes
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