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Learning grammar is not suitable for students at primary school

IvanMS027 43 / 56 9  
Nov 29, 2016   #1
Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Learning language is essential for everyone since language is a basic need of our life to communicate properly each other. Some researchers say that mastering a language should be started at secondary school while others believe that it will be better to start at primary school. I believe that studying when they are young is much better and outweigh the disadvantage.

Grammar is a key part of the language and should be learnt by everyone who wants to be a master in a language. There are a lot of grammar materials needed a high understanding about it. Moreover, the group of researchers led by Mr. Nagisa Shiota from Tokyo University found that because of immature brains, the children attending primary school cannot throughout learn the subject. Furthermore, they stated that teenagers having aged 12 or older can readily understand the subject. This proves that learning grammar is not suitable for students at primary school and become the drawback for the primary-school students.

However, when they become older, they will lose the ability to absorb new vocabularies which are the essential part of languages. Young children have the ability to remember one paper vocabulary with only spending an hour, compared to older people needing at least 5 hours. This phenomenon was explained by Prof. Leonardo, the expert of the human brain from Imperial College London, that children have "sponge brain" and it will become faded as the higher number of age. This is the benefit of people starting to learn new languages in the primary school. In other words, starting to earn vocabulary at primary school and study grammar in the secondary school is the perfect way to fully understand a new language.

All in all, I briefly believe that the advantage of starting language in the early time outweigh the disadvantage because even though to understand the grammar is suitable when the brain is mature, expanding the vocabularies should be started at primary school.

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Beauty17 56 / 88 5  
Nov 29, 2016   #2
Hallo ivan.. here my suggestion toward your essay.. first i will concern on your introduction.

Learning language is essential for everyone ...

1. You have made a good complex sentence.
2. You have paraphrase the question well
3. However you have a little bit mistake in your thesis statement. You did not explain the point why the benefits outweigh its drawback. If you want to get higher score you must explain it briefly in your introductory thus it will attract the reader to read more your essay. Please avoid this mistake in your next writing.

Good Luck

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