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Learning a new language process

kbektas 3 / 7 3  
Jul 30, 2014   #1
I wait your feedbacks especially general ones like proficiency level of it.

Nowadays, many people want and try to learn new languages for their career and cultural interaction with tourists. Although schools have a couple of foreign language lessons, that is not enough to speak fluently. Reaching advance level may take years like the mother tongue process. It requires a sequence of steps that must be followed carefully.

The first step is going a course to learn basic grammar rules. You need grammar to form sentences, even easy ones. In schools this phase lasts at least five years, but with an effective course it could last just 1-2 years. After basic rules and times, you need to learn how to form a complex sentence with conjunctions. Besides, you need to have an adequate level of vocabulary which is a big problem for most students.

At the end of the course step, practice stage starts. You need to exercise to improve your new language. Watching movies with subtitles is one of the most effective ways of it, especially for the listening skill. After several movies you will have the ability to watch movies in original language. Reading books appropriate for your level boosts your reading and vocabulary skill. In universities, academic writing is a critical skill so you need to learn that how to write a perfect essay. Consequently, never forget that practice makes perfect.

The final step is interaction with native speakers. You can prefer tourists In your country or you can go abroad like most students. Abroad trips are more attractive for most people because of you have to speak their language and also understanding their culture helps, too. Being exposed to this language so much your sense of language will increase and speaking will be much easier for you.

Beside travelling, you may find a pen pal to chat which is another effective way.

To sum up, learning a new language is a hard and long process which needs determination. If education in the school is not enough for you , you should go to a course as the starting point. After learning basics of that language, the only thing that you need is practicing regularly.

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MisterWandering 18 / 321 130  
Jul 31, 2014   #2
You should include the prompt of the task with your essay? Also, is this an IELTS or a TOEFL essay?
As far as I'm concerned, don't use "you" in your academic writing.

1-2 years

from one to two years.

learn that how to write a perfect essay.

prefer tourists In your country

This part is quite confused.

go to a course

take a course
OP kbektas 3 / 7 3  
Jul 31, 2014   #3
I don't have any prompt.
I am studying for an University proficiency exam.(We can say IELTS maybe)
ANSAN - / 1  
Aug 2, 2014   #4
Learning a new language it is a difficult process. Recently found this language exchange website: languageforexchange It's especially for those who are willing to exchange their language knowledge in advance of their partner's.

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