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A Level Media studies essay practice.

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Apr 29, 2021   #1
Hi! This is my A Level Media Studies essay practice before the real exam. I am not a native speaker so please can you help me to improve my language skill and get better in my exam. Thank you!!!


Instead of reading newspapers, listening to the radio, or watching television, people these days are flooded with plenty of opportunities to access information and the environment due to the evolution of new technologies. The use of technologies on people can be both positive and negative depending on how they use them.

Advancements in technologies have created a brand new environment for media and communication, consist of social media and streaming services. New technologies give audiences the advantages of living in a digital age such as sharing and gathering information. One of the most obvious indications about the effects of technology on society is how the producers encode products for audiences to decode. According to Henry Jenkin's 'Fandom Theory', the Internet has allowed people to collect and create their texts and easily share their works. Customers are no longer just merely consume media; they are also producers, coining the term "prosumers." Because of this new trend, some social media like Facebook became a suitable environment for fans to use mass-media texts (or characters within them) for their entertainment, they are unique products such as fanfiction, fanart, and cosplay. Thus, this is the biggest difference between Web 3.0 and Web 1.0, Web 2.0. In the age when the world wide web was in its infancy, the phrase "web 1.0", was used by the majority to find information. And "Web 2.0" is the term used as interactivity and communication have developed over time through the use of the Internet. After that, the 'Web 3.0' creates a 'participatory culture' in which audiences become more active and inventive participants rather than passive consumers in cyberspace. In addition, "web 3.0" was born under their needs to society, for instance, entertainment, diversion (escapism); surveillance, information; personal identity; and social relationships, according to "Uses and Gratifications theory". Web 3.0 also covers the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the computer learns about its owner's behavior, preferences and caters specifically to them, for example, Facebook advertisements, Netflix movie suggestion, etc. The development of technologies created an ideal environment to improve people's ability to access information and communicate with others, make it become a Utopia in the future. On the other hand, there is a paradox from Turkle said that "The more friends and acquaintances we gather on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the more we feel alone". Based on this acknowledgment of new technologies, we can state those technologies as a driving force for culture and determines its history.

From the negative perspective of social media and new technologies, even it offers more opportunities to people with a media environment, there are still some risks side we have to face. Social issues such as fake news, democracy, and political division have become more accessible than ever. Especially when people are allowed to share their opinion freely online and comment on others, they made the environment more toxic and dangerous. As we have mentioned before, AI can predict our behaviors and manipulate them through technologies, which is a danger to our private information. For instance, Facebook has the right to access our photos, camera, and personal information. From there, they can use it to provide analytical assistance for political purposes or manipulate votes for the presidential campaign, according to Facebook - Cambridge Analytica scandal. This raises awareness for us to be more careful in data protection and security while using the Internet. Besides the ability to connect people and help to improve meaningful relationships with peers, Facebook has gradually become a toxic environment and where fake news spread in society. On social platforms, the government and other regulatory bodies can not control the accuracy of information reached to audiences. For instance, the conflict between their "Public and Private persona". Stars and their representation on online platforms have been constructed - they are not a true image of their real identity. This constructed identity, their ideology becomes a property when their identity is deserving something.​ According to Richard Dyer's Theory, a star is an image of not a real person that is constructed out of a range of materials. In addition, stars become influential to fans, they may represent a social group or culture and encourage their fans to share a similar opinion, building ideologies where the star is an ideologist. As the result, powerful people can use this psycho to use the dominant ideology on humans behaviors through influencers and reach their purposes. Modern people under the impact of technologies have fewer opportunities to express their own opinion without other manipulation from the cross-media conglomerate.

In conclusion, new technologies have both positive and negative representations of society. Depending on the situation, and each individual's ability to decode the information, technologies are changing the nature of media environments which impact both industries and audiences​.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,630 3477  
Apr 29, 2021   #2
You forgot to include the prompt for this essay. I assume that this is for the extended essay discussion right? I really would have been able to better help you if I knew what the discussion parameters were. Anyway. I believe that I can still help you, in a general form, with this presentation. I would like to call your attention to the discussion presentation as you currently have it.

You said that the topic has both positive and negative aspects. While I am clear on the negative aspects, I believe you did not really fulfill the positive discussion presentation. What you consider the positive aspect of the discussion was nothing more than a historical look at the development of communication and news dissemination through the various web incarnations. As such, you only informed about the progress of digital communication, but not the positive aspects of this practice.

There is also this reference in the presentation that, due to inappropriate sentence formation, left you with a hanging sentence rather than a complete thought. What exactly were you trying to say when you wrote:

From there, ...according to Facebook - Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The source of the information should come before the actual information. That way you do not seem like you presented one set of information, then another set, albeit incompletely.

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