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Toefl essay---a library is a good place for studying

Keng 39 / 134  
Sep 23, 2009   #1
Do you agree or disagree with the statement that a library is a good place for study? Use your reasons and specific examples to support your idea.

Could you revise my essay and give me some feedback. thank you

To my view, a library is a good place for school students. The students who spend an extra time on learning after a regular class find the library satisfying due to online materials, books on shelves and a good atmosphere.

First, Students can surf the internet for online materials to support studying outside a classroom. Students do not have to pay money because an internet service is available to them without charge. They just type a password of the student card on a computer code interface so that they will be able to access to online learning sources. Moreover, there are many computers around the library; therefore, they do not have to rush to play a computer early morning. Also, an internet service is based on a broadband network, of which the speed is faster than any other. This is so appropriate that students will be able to quickly learn through online classes.

Second, students can search for books which are useful to self-learning. There are several books on various subjects. Because of this, they do not get riled up only because of no preferred textbooks. Furthermore, students do not have to pay money to find a textbook in a library to read and practice exercises inside the textbook.

Finally, students pay off if they spend extra times studying in a library due to a good atmosphere. Students feel comfortable while reading a book in a library. An air conditioning system releases cold air which the students are fond of in order to support extra learning exercises. Besides, there are no sounds which affect students' learning beyond a regular basis because it is one of the library's rules to punish everyone who make a noisy sound.

In conclusion, when finishing a normal class, students who think learning in class is not enough and still want to increase more time to study can go to a library which has a proper temperature to find books and even look for online materials to help do school assignments.

Jin 11 / 37  
Sep 23, 2009   #2
To my view, a library is a good place for school students. The students who spend an (no "an") extra time on learning after a regular class (regular classes) find the library satisfying (can satisfy them) due to online materials, books on shelves and a good atmosphere.

I don't agree with you about the online materials, it can also be done at home, right?

Maybe you should focus on the characteristic part of library.
OP Keng 39 / 134  
Sep 24, 2009   #3
That is the essay that i wrote last month. whether some information is not acceptable is not problematic because my writing skill at that time was bad, but today, i know how to effectively write an essay.

Anyways thank you for your feedback.
tuanlnc 10 / 36  
Sep 25, 2009   #4
Hi Keng,

You can improve your writing skill only in a month. It's great. I'm preparing to take the Toefl test 2 months later, can you please give me some tips?


OP Keng 39 / 134  
Sep 25, 2009   #5
My strategies that i choose to improve my writing skill.

I take an advanced writing course for two months, while i have BARRON TOEFL ESSAY for self-study at home.

Another tip is to write four essays per week, and let your teachers revise them. Their Feedback can guide you how to better write an essay.

Bear in mind that opinions are somewhat difficult to brainstorm, i still do not find this skill satisfying. Anyway, writing three-to-four essays per week can help you brainstorming ideas to be put into your essay outlines.

Remember, when you practice writing the essay, do not worry about the time. just write until you think your essay has coherence and unity. But your writing time should be in one hour.

If you think you are proficient in your writing skill, you can write within thirty minutes,

The more you write, the more you are confident to pass the toefl essay exam within 30 minutes.

The way to improve vocabularies is to read English texts such as atimes.com, its patterns of language is suitable for the toefl essay nytimes.com-- more academic vocabularies and structures

Grammar for writing is not difficult if you read and practice the grammar exam everyday. For me, grammar is easy, and i always get a high score from the grammar section. Therefore, it is easy to put grammar rules into my essay though there are some errors, especially about Article A AN THE and Verb Forms.

I hope the ways that i practice my writing skill contribute benefits to your toefl exam one way or another.

Good Luck

tuanlnc 10 / 36  
Sep 28, 2009   #6
Thanks for your tips, Keng!

I must practice more to get high score for my next Toefl exam.

dinky 1 / 2  
Sep 28, 2009   #7

i have read the tips given to tuan.

it will help me as i prepare for the IELTS.

DiKaKo - / 1  
Sep 30, 2009   #8
Nice site for TOEFL iBT Practicing Online is i-courses. Essays are evaluated by real TOEFL teachers who deliver comprehensive and creative feedback.
OP Keng 39 / 134  
Sep 30, 2009   #9
You mean practicing The online Toefl IBT without charge or any payment.
tuanlnc 10 / 36  
Sep 30, 2009   #10
I checked it, we must pay to practice each skill or a completed test.
khoctham 6 / 12  
Oct 1, 2009   #11
personally i think that yours is good. but i like the second paragraph the most

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