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life in the city is becoming increasingly unappealing

isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Oct 13, 2011   #1
I was on a mission trip to Sabah, Malaysia when I had a conversation with a villager,Wati which had left me pondering until today. When I was about to leave the village and i asked them to come with me to the city, she answered humbly,'i would not want to live in the city since there is no trees to make my house greener, no birds tweet to wake me up, and no blue sky for my children to see'. This statement startled me as i always believe that living in a city with its rapid advancement will be attractive for anyone, especially those from loewr income groups who barely makes their end meets. Isn't it why cities like Jakarta and Bangkok are overflooded with people due to urbanization? Yet as i observe the shift of today's society and the direction we are heading in our ceaseless march towards industrialization, i began to see the light in this statement.

The appeal of the city lies in the hurtling speed at which the global economy is travelling into. Advancement being the sacrosanct of mankind is guaranteed to be achieved should we live in this society. Yet, ironically, it is because of the hubbub and stink of our civilization that becomes the push factor of living in cities. In order to give space for another industry, trees are denudated indiscriminately and toxic chemicals are dumped into rivers indifferently. Various type of pollution has arisen as a result, ranging from air, water, and pollution. Although i'm no scientist, i can see palpably the changes taking place in the environment before my eyes. 5 years ago, i was able to enjoy the shower of stars adorning the impenetrable night sky, and the memory is still etched in my mind. Yet now, finding 3 stars in the hazy night sky is even considered to be lucky. Such beautiful and mesmerizing sky which i still remember can only be seen in rural areas such as Sabah. Now, i began to wonder if they will even exist for my children to see.

Furthermore, those with high dreams of having a better life when they come to the city might find themselves crashing down to earth when they become unemployed and find themselves living in the squatter. Although cities do give opportunity to acquire a high-salary jobs, it could be taken as easy as flipping the back of our hand. Diplomas, bachelorettes are now the meagre minimum, which i doubt the villagers are equipped with. Furthermore, focused on ensuring our economic autonomy and well-being, our society has accepted speediness as the norm. Villagers who have been leading slow paced and relaxed lifestyle most definitely will find themselves to be overwhelmed, exceeding what they can cope. The movie 'Ayo kita ke Jakarta' which depicts the story of a rural boy challenging his fate in the cosmopolitan Jakarta and ends with him returning to his village to improve its condition illustrates that the choice to live in a city may not be as promising as it appears to be.

Therefore,contrary to common beliefs, living in a city is becoming less and less appealing to the masses. in fact, with today's fast and furious lifestyle most of us lead, many find themselves seeking refuge in rural areas where time seems to come to a standstill.
r0400293 2 / 3  
Oct 13, 2011   #2
Kind of boring.
The intro is especially boring, you need to hook your reader! get a quote from an enviromentalist liek ralph waldo emerson or something!
Might wanna talk about all of the crime and corruption in a city, there are more thing wrong than the enviroment in a city.

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